Friends and Family!!!I 

I love you all so much! I'm sorry that I didn't write you on Wednesday, I began my Temple Square training on Wednesday so my P-day was moved to today.

I got to go to Temple Square on Wednesday for a tour with all the sisters (22) who are going to Temple Square or other visitor centres in the states. It was so fun! It's amazing! I'm so excited to be able to teach the gospel with the Temple right there! And that is where we want all our investigators to end up is the Temple. I love it and the other sisters are so sweet

My wonderful district left this week. We miss the Elders (they went to Colorado) they are so great. When you are in class with someone 6 hours a day and eat all your meals with them you become very close. It's weird to think we will never see them again. 

Sister Naegle left this week too. Sister Wong and I miss her a lot, she taught us so much, I feel so privileged to have been her companion. 

On the bright side we get to be with all the visitor centre sisters all the time now so that has been really great getting to know them. Last night about 10 of us met in one of the rooms in our building and ate some food and got to know each other better. It was really fun, I'm going to be serving with some amazing sisters. We get to go to Temple Square again tomorrow to give a tour with another sister on the square. I can't wait. I love teaching the gospel and I'm so excited to finally be able to share it with others. 

At the MTC we get to teach people (who are acting as investigators) and it is amazing the spirit you feel when you teach. I just get so happy when I talk about the Savior and the Restoration or just anything to do with the gospel it is a wonderful experience.

I love all the letters that you are all so kind to send to me. I'm sorry it is taking me so long to respond but I will try to write more today. I leave the MTC at 6am on February 1,  so I won't be able to get "dearelders" anymore.  I hope I will have more time to email once I am on the Square. The mission home address for letters is:

Utah Salt Lake City Temple Square Mission
50 N West Temple St Rm BSVC
Salt Lake City, 
Utah 84150-1891
United States 
You can send letters there until I give you an updated address.

 Next time I write to you it will be from Temple Square! I'm so excited. I will also miss the MTC quite a lot. I have loved being here. I have learned so much. The atmosphere is wonderful here. The closest thing I can relate it to would be the Temple. Everyone seems so happy and friendly and we are all here to learn more about the gospel and the Savior and everything he has done for us. I love all the devotionals I have been to, I wish you could all read the amazing talks given at the MTC. I have gained so much knowledge from members of the 70, general authorities and the General Primary president came and spoke to us for relief society last week and it was so uplifting and wonderful. I'm so excited to teach all ages the happiness that the gospel brings.

Oh dear, I never have enough time to write all I want to say. I love you all so much. Thank you for your letters of love and encouragement. I have the most wonderful family in the world! Thank you everyone else who has written me as well! I feel so blessed to have so many lovely people in my life, you all bring me so much joy. 

My mission has and continues to be one the most wonderful experiences of my life. I feel so content with being here, every morning I wake up and say a prayer of thanks for the opportunity I have to be here. I LOVE BEING HERE. I can't say that enough. Almost every journal entry begins with "I love being a missionary". I'm so grateful for all my experiences

Ah my time is UP. I love you all, remember how wonderful you are and to share the gospel it brings so much happiness

Love Sister Turner
Hello Family & Friends!!!I love you all so much! 

Thank you for all your letters :)  I love getting mail. I will try to write back to you all today.  I love hearing from you and what you have been doing.  I'm so happy that I have the opportunity to email you all every week, there is this time count down on the top of the screen and it stresses me out so much. There is so much that I want to tell you all about!

The MTC is incredible I have learnt more in the past two weeks than I have, like, in the last year. The devotionals are amazing. They have two a week; one on Sunday and one on Tuesday. It's so great and such a wonderful reminder of how blessed I am to be able to spend a month here. The Spirit is so strong here. It reminds me of being at the Temple. The devotional last night was given by Elder Duncan of the Seventy and it was about being positive and the incredible blessing we (as missionaries) have to be representatives of Jesus Christ, it was SOOOO good :)

I love my companions! (Mary's note: Sister Turner and Sister Wong were asked to have a third companion who was not ready to leave the MTC with her district) They are both so wonderful and I feel I have grown so close to both of them. They are so different from one another but I learn so much from each of them everyday. 

I really was meant to be at the MTC at this time, the people I serve with and my teachers are amazing. The more I think about it the more I realize how everything in my life has led me toward a mission.  All the various life experiences that I have had have truly led me to the path I am on right now. The more I realize that the more I get even MORE excited to be on a mission... and I didn't think that was possible. 

I love being here, I love teaching! Teaching is amazing! As you rely on the Spirit it truly will guide you as you teach. My responsibility is to invite others to come unto Christ but it is the Holy Ghost who manifests the truth of it unto them.  

SHARE THE GOSPEL!!! It will bring you the greatest happiness you can imagine.  As you invite your friends and others to come to know the truthfulness of the gospel you will actually be increasing their agency to make the choice that can bring them the greatest happiness they can imagine.    

 Like I said in the beginning of this email I love getting letters.  Nathan thank you for using all 7900 characters (limit on "dearelder" letters) your letter made me laugh. Ah I'm running out of time! I loved all the letters and I can't address them all in this email but I will try to write back to you all today.

Thank you so much for everything in my first aid kit (Mary's note: Dorothy, Char, Amanda and Sarah's suggestions)  mom it's really come in handy. My vitamins are keeping me healthy and I'm taking that emergenC drink whenever I feel rundown.   I love, love, love all of you. I feel like I have so much more to say but I am out of time. 

Love Sister Turner 

Dear Family and Friends,

I love you all so much! Thank you for all your letters! I've been responding to some this morning and will hopefully have time to respond to the rest tonight! I only have 1/2 hour of email time so I will have to be fast!  Please don't send me emails while I am at the MTC. "DearElder letters" (see Sister Turner's contact page)  get to me faster and during the 1/2 hour  I have I want to be able to write instead of read. Hand written letters are always good too. I love getting mail :)

The MTC is FANTASTIC! I love it. It is hard but rewarding. The second day you are here you are teaching! I was surprised but it was great. I feel so much love for the "investigators" I have. My teachers are amazing and so knowledgeable! We have class twice a day 3 hours each and the time just flys by! My district is awesome all the sisters (4 including me) are all going to temple square and 5 of the 6 elders are going to Colorado the other one is going to South Africa English speaking. It's amazing how close we have already become :)

I love, love, love Sister Wong we get along so well! As soon as we were introduced as companions we hit it off right away. She is from Hawaii and is so sweet. We have lots of fun taking pictures and laughing but she is also so spiritual and knowledgeable! We work great together and really encourage each other along. 

Elder Russel M Nelson came to speak to the MTC last night and it was amazing! Such a great talk! I was singing in the choir and it was so cool to be in the choir and have a general authority tell you how beautiful the singing was. The spirit is so strong here at the MTC expecialy when all the missionaries sing 'Called to Serve Him' or "We are as the Armys of Helamen" I love it.

I got to meet my new Mission President and his wife the other night! It was so wonderful. Their names are President and Sister Gillete and they are both so sweet! They have served as mission presidents in Boston and a couple other places that aren't coming to mind right now. I just felt such an automatic love for them and when Sister Gillete gave me a hug it was so motherly and sweet. So I feel very confident I will be well taken care of!

I love you all so much! Mom and Dad thank you for helping me prepare for my mission. I feel so ready for this! I understand what you meant now how you said about the experiences I have had will make it easier for me.  Being away from home has helped A LOT I'm surprised I haven't met anyone who has lived away from home yet. I love how prepared I feel. Thank you for all my first aid kit stuff( Mary's note - homopathy, natural remedies,etc and everything Char suggested) I don't know it just makes me feel good to have it. I've been eating lots of salads and no sugar.  

I LOVE THE MTC everyone loves each other and the spirit is so strong.
AHHHH my time is up and I have so much more to say!
I love you so so so so so much ! Thank you for helping me get to where I am. You've all helped me so much.

Love Sister Turner
Sister Turner arrived at the MTC on January 4, 2012.