Hello family and friends !!!!

 I'm so blessed with so many wonderful friends. Thank you to everyone that has written me such beautiful letters! I will write you all back very soon. I can only write on P-day but I love getting your letters all the time. I am so grateful for your love.

Evelynn and Robert sent me two WONDERFUL crock-pot recipe books I'm so excited about them. I've already made some great food and as a matter of fact I have a mexican chicken dinner cooking right now. Sister Jung and I are eating together again tonight and since we have made Korean food the past two P-days we decided to make Canadian food tonight :) Which is pretty much everything else so we are doing Mexican food :)

I have had another great week!!! I LOVE TEMPLE SQUARE SO MUCH!!!!!! I love how I can teach people everywhere!! I can't remember if I have told you but I'm teaching people in Canada, all over the states - Texas, Colorado, North Carolina, Utah, etc, Korea and Ghana!!! I love it so much. People are so wonderful and so accepting to the gospel. Of course I have a lot of people that reject but I just keep calling different people and it's like I have the whole world to tract in and my possibilities are endless. 

Member missionary work is SO important to our work. We can't call people without referrals. If anyone has a friend, co-worker or any one that they want to share the gospel with send me your referrals :) Some people are much more willing to receive a phone call when we mention their friends name then they are to accept the missionaries knocking on there door. If I know them I will give the referral to another sister but if I don't know your friend I will call them and invite them to learn more about the gospel. I just need your name, phone number and their name and phone number. Also read Alma chapter 31 it is a WONDERFUL scripture about missionary work.

I had the fantastic opportunity this past week to give a tour to a wonderful group of youth who came for a youth conference. The youth are such an important part of the church and I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to tell them about temple square and hopefully allow them to feel the spirit and have a positive impact on their lives.  I loved it! They are so wonderful. Sister Jung and I got to spend about 45 minutes touring 16 youth (16 future missionaries) and it was so lovely they each had such beautiful testimonies and I'm so grateful I got to share mine with them and encourage them with their member missionary work. I read them parts of Alma 31 and the Spirit was so strong. I loved each one of them.

I am so happy I get to serve on such sacred ground. People come to the square and they ask me what it is about me and the Sisters here that makes us so happy. I had quite a few people that came up to me and asked me what it was that made me so happy and that there was something different about me that they liked and couldn't really explain, they had noticed some of the other sisters were like that as well and they wanted to know what it was. I love it because it gives me a perfect opportunity to really share my testimony with them and it allows me to invite them to learn more about the church and how they can have this happiness in their lives too. I know that it is such a blessing to be able to have the light of Christ in my life and that it is not me but it is His light that draws people to the truth 

Once again I am out of time. You are all wonderful and I love you all. Thank you for writing to me and sending me your love :) I love hearing from each of you. 

Keep being so wonderful.
Love Sister Turner
Temple Square February 2012
Sister Jung and I
On the phone
Hello family and friends!!!I 
This week has been really good! It went by so fast, it feels like it was just p-day and now I'm already writing you again. 
Sometimes the days feel long especially when someone yells at you for calling them on the phone but then a miracle will happen like you take some people on a tour and they give you referrals and it makes the day wonderful again. It is so true what the Lord told Joseph Smith that our adversities and afflictions will be 'but a small moment' and when we endure it will we will be exalted on high. I like to remind myself of that scripture when something is hard and by the end of the day I can always see things turn around and life is lovely again.
Missionary work is hard but in such a good way. Its hard to explain but I love it all the time. I love all the people I am able to teach - I am teaching people in Canada, Korea and all over the states! I am so blessed to be able to talk to so many different people all day.
Ok to answer some questions; I don't introduce the Joseph Smith movie - I stay on Temple Square and the Joseph Smith memorial building is not on Temple Square - I do introduce The Testaments and Legacy though because they are in the North Visitors Centre. Oh and I get to take people through God's Plan for His Family it's such a great movie its like 15 mins long and you move through about 6 rooms and each room shows a clip about a family and how the Temple and the Gospel can bless families so much. I love taking people to it the Spirit is always so strong.
Contacts are all doing great! I love teaching and I am constantly learning so much on how I can improve. Everyday it seems we find more people to teach. I love it :) Some investigators have harder times accepting the message then others but I'm so grateful for all the opportunities I have. 
I LEARN so much everyday, and I always strive to improve, sometimes I just want to be perfect and never make mistakes but as a human I know that I will never be perfect and all I can do is my very BEST and that is comforting in those times.
Oh the Korean food was SOOOOOO good! And pretty easy to make too :) Sister Wong and her companion are coming over to eat with Sister Jung and I tonight and we are going to make Korean Curry mmmmmmmmm
I sang at church this Sunday :) It was very nice it was Sister Jung, 3 others companionship's and I. We sang the chorus in Korean it was so neat- so now I know how to say, 'Thank you, Glory and His truth is marching on" in Korean oh and I still remember how to say ' My name is Sister Turner and Hello' YAY! I forget what hymn we sung but I'm pretty sure it was page 60 in the Hymn Book.
Ah I always feel so rushed when I write - I wonder if I will ever get used to only having and hour to write you and also I write my mission president once a week. I want to send you pictures too. Ok I have a couple more minutes to answer some more questions.
I am eating good and sleeping good.  I have lots of fruit and vegetables and I have been trying to eat lots of brown rice and whole grain foods.  Oh and meat, I also need protein to keep me going, so that is good. I have an hour for lunch as well as dinner so I have been able to spend time making good healthy food. Starting after conference we only have 1/2 hour throughout the summer so I think I will start making bigger meals to put in the freezer and eat at a later time.
Anyway thank you for your love and support I love you all and keep being so wonderful :) I'm so happy to be here and am really enjoying this experience. I know it is for others and not myself but I know I am growing so much.
Oh I went to the temple today! I am out of time to tell you about it but it was wonderful :) I LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!
Love Sister Turner
We sang in church
Grocery shopping
Learning how to and eating, Korean food. Yum!
I am so happy to be here!
Dear Family and Friends,

 I'm happy, happy, happy and I love being here. Temple Square is so great. I get to talk to people all day long and I LOVE IT! And after I talk to people and invite them to learn more about the gospel I get to call people and teach them the gospel! I love my investigators so MUCH! They are all so wonderful. I taught Jen again today and it's so nice to see her progressing (I think I told you about her in the last email). She really just wants to find the truth. She keeps saying that everything we tell her just makes so much sense (because it really does) and she is so happy when we are able to answer a question that her past teachers have told her is just a mystery of God. She has so many questions which is great. We are teaching lots of other people too but it would take to long to tell you about each of them. They are all so different and so wonderful. It is so great to be able to teach by the Spirit. I still have SO much more to learn but I study everyday, one hour of personal study and 2 hours of companionship study so it is wonderful. I love learning and teaching all the time, ALL the time. It is so great :) 

Oh HAPPY VALENTINES DAY TO EVERYONE!!!! I love you all so very very much and I hope you are all very happy! 

Can someone please send me crock-pot recipes. I have a little one in my apartment but no recipes. I have made a couple things up but it would be nice to have some recipes too. I really love my companion I have been learning a little Korean

 - Now I can say Hello and My name is Sister Turner in Korean. Also I'm learning how to cook Korean food tonight! I'm so excited, everything she makes is soooo good she gives me little tastes of things every once and awhile so I'm excited to be able to learn how to make it. She has a cook book but it is in Korean :) She eats kimchee with everything which is really good too, it is the korean sourqrout . 

Oh I think I forgot to tell you last email that I also have 2 roommates :) One is from Toulouse France (which is I think where Erik is serving) and the other is from Peru. They are both very nice. I don't see them too often but Sister Marand (from France) made us crepes the other day and they were SOOOOOO good. 

Oh I need to renew my passport. They suggested that I do it now because I will probably go on an outbound in a few months and they want to make sure everything is good and completed. (When I go outbound I get to call you :) Dad and mom could you please help me out with that. I love you both so much. Thank you for helping me so much with my mission. I'm love every single minute of my time being here, without you I wouldn't be able to do it, I can't thank you enough. 

I feel so blessed to have this opportunity to serve. I am reminded of the importance of my service every day as I walk past the Temple. That is where we want all our investigators to end up, to receive those glorious blessings and live in a state of peace and happiness. Everyone will have trials but the knowledge that we can all overcome with the help from the Savior is a wonderful blessing. In the scriptures when it talks about being saved by grace it is really talking about the strength that comes from the Savior, because it is so hard to face trials on our own, God knew this so made it possible for us to overcome through the atonement of Christ. He will always help us and when we put in our best effort He will fill in the rest. There is so much to learn about the atonement, I've been studying it this week and we talked about it a lot at the MTC and of course (like every gospel topic) there is sooooo much to learn. I love it though and I love studying :)

Everyone can still send me letters even though I'm not at the MTC anymore. In other words please write me :) I love you all so much and I want to hear how you are doing. It is also REALLY exciting to get mail. I haven't gone to the SLC temple yet. I get to go next P-day though so I am so excited! They have a temple model here at the south visitors center for visitors to look at and it makes me so excited to go! It is an exact replica (smaller obviously) of the Salt Lake Temple and it shows the some of the rooms of the Temple, It is SOOOOOOO beautiful I can't wait to go. There is a really cool assembly hall on the top floor that I never knew existed and is really cool. Apparently that is where the prophets have meetings and things. And since I won't be able to go it's really cool to be able to see it with the model. 

Once again my time is up. I always think of more things I wanted to say as soon as I stop writing but that will have to come in the next email I guess. You are all wonderful and thank you so much for your love and support. Don't forget to read the scriptures and pray everyday, it will give you guidance and increase your happiness so much and it really takes only a small amount of your day. It is SO important.  

Have a wonderful Valentines Day!

Love Sister Turner

I missed emailing you last week! How are you all? It is weird not getting your DearElders daily but I am getting used to it. 
 I am emailing you from the Joseph Smith Memorial Building and the key board is a little different so I will try my best to type ç=?° òç like that. 
Anyway, I love TEMPLE SQUARE! It is so beautiful here! Sister Jung is my new companion, she is from Korea and she is very sweet. Because of the language barrier we have a bit of a hard time understanding each other but we try our best and are learning from one another.
I have a lot of history to learn! But it is going well. I have a script that I have been studying that gives me some history about Temple Square. Although I am a missionary and not a tour guide, our leaders tell us that often, so the history is not as important as my testimony and the principles in "Preach my Gospel" so it is going well. I still am studying the script so that I can answer questions as I teach. 
I love teaching! It is so exciting when people want to listen to you and have referrals for you! It is so fun talking to EVERYONE and inviting EVERYONE to do something to help them come closer to the Savior. We talk to a lot of members as well but we always ask for referrals and share a message with them. I really feel like I am, as it says in the Scriptures, 'teaching all nations' and I love it!  
There are sisters from all over the world and people come from all over the world! I feel I have the best mission in the world! Although I am sure every missionary, no matter where they are serving, feels that way, or at least I hope they do. We spend about 6 hours on the square and 6 hours on motors - which is calling people from referral cards, receiving calls from people who have a card to receive a free Book of Mormon or Bible or responding to people who chat on mormon.org. Everything is wonderful, it is a little discouraging at times to call lots and lots of people who are not interested, but then you talk to someone who is and your day is wonderful again!
 I love sharing the gospel, it is such a blessing to share my testimony with others and help them to come unto Christ! It is also such a blessing to feel so much love for all those I come into contact with. 
Sister Jung and I taught a lady over the phone this morning who is on bed rest because she is pregnant. She called us because she wanted to know why Mormons are so dedicated to their faith and are so happy all the time. It was a wonderful experience to be able to talk to her about the restoration of the gospel and how the gospel can bless her family. She seemed interested but a little apprehensive at first but then I asked her if we would pray over the phone with her so that she could know if what we are saying is true. She did not feel comfortable praying yet so I said a prayer  wtih her and after the prayer she said she felt so good and I could tell she crying, and then she committed to baptism!!!! YAY it was so wonderful. It was still the first time we taught her and so we still have a lot to teach but it was such a wonderful miracle. I hope that she is able to stay strong and continue to read the Book of Mormon, we gave her the link to the Book of Mormon online. Satan works extra hard on those who have interest in the church so I hope that we will be able to help her enough. She was so sweet and I could tell she is just searching for the truth. And she lives in Montreal, Canada! Isnt that cool! I'm serving in Utah but teaching in Canada. Ah I love my mission!
 Can someone send me Ravens postal code? She sent me a dearelder and I want to respond but I need the postal code.
I have to tell you! my last devotional at the MTC was FANTASTIC! Elder Nelson AND Elder Holland came because it was the 50th anniversary of the MTC. And it was soooo good, it feels like forever ago. So much has happened this past week. I love being so busy though.
Sarah - thank you for the Yorks they were beautifully delicious, I was very happy to eat them. 
Ah I never have enough time to tell you all, all I want to and I always write in such a rushed way. But my time is now up. Know that I am happy and love you all! 
I hope you are all well and I love hearing from all of you. 
You are such a blessing in my life!
Love Sister Turner