Hello my lovely family and friends!

Thank you sooooooooooooooooo MUCH for the parcel :) I was soooo happy and now I"m sooooooo full. The treats are super yummy. It was so unexpected and exciting, especially to have 2 on the same day! 

This week has been another great week! Really busy but tons of fun. Yesterday we had a Zone Conference at the Capitol Building. It was really neat to be there. Before we began the conference someone took us on a tour. Did you know part of legally blond was filmed there, haha interesting side note. It was cool to be there though and learn more about Utah's history and the U.S government. It was also neat to be in a government building but have pictures and statues of Brigham Young too, only in Utah.

The conference was also great. We learned about becoming a consecrated missionary and the importance of leaving everything behind and giving your all to the Lord for the full 18 months. It was really good. I still have so much to learn. I love my mission. Sometimes I wish I could be perfect and forget about everything and think about others all the time but I also know that all I can do is my personal best and every day (when I work hard) I can improve. If you read "The Fourth Missionary" you will understand where I' coming from.

We went to the Temple this morning. It's been closed for cleaning or something since the 25th of June. It was so nice to go again. I love the Temple. We talk about it all day long as people ask us questions and we constantly bare testimony of the importance of Temples and how peaceful and wonderful they are. It felt so nice to finally go and enjoy the Spirit the Temple brings. I always feel so refreshed as I leave.

We have a zone activity today. I will try to find time to write letters, if I don't have time please forgive me I will write more next week. The activity will be fun though, we are going to a park and playing volleyball and Frisbee and eating food. It's nice to have time to get to know the sisters a little better. We have a zone activity once every transfer.

Today has been a good day. We were at the museum earlier because Sister Creal hadn't seen it yet when a women stopped us as we were going out the door and asked us to teach the activity day girls (ages 9-11) about modesty. I love how I am a representative of Jesus Christ no matter where I am. It was so fun and they were so cute. Apparently they had something scheduled but it fell through. I'm so grateful I got the opportunity. I love teaching children about the importance of following Jesus Christ because I know it will help them have lasting happiness. 

It's so great to be on Temple Square in the summer. It's so busy and there are so many teaching opportunities every day. We met a really nice lady yesterday. Her name is Quebec. She was so prepared to hear the gospel. We were talking to her about the importance of the Book of Mormon and she loved it. She was asking us questions about trying to understand the Bible. She said she had tried to read it but it was confusing because there were so many different translations and it was confusing. We helped her understand that the Bible and Book of Mormon support each other so that she can really come to know Jesus Christ and she reads both. It was a really neat experience helping her see the greater knowledge Heavenly Father has given us to understand. I"m looking forward to calling to teach her more over the phone. She is going to "education week" at BYU which is apparently like "EFY" but for adults.

I wanted to send you some pictures but I just realized I forgot my camera cable at home. I've been thinking of buying another USB and sending you all the pictures I have so far - I only send you about 20% of the ones I take. Some of the sisters do that and their family empties the USB onto their computer and then sends it back and they fill it up again. Let me know if you want me to do that. I don't want to send you my USB because it would be so sad if it got lost in the mail. I'd buy another one and then send that one to you.

Last week I wrote about studying the Atonement. Did anyone have a chance to watch the video I sent. What did you learn?
Yes I am a missionary and I am following up with commitments :) I know you are all amazing but I also love hearing your testimonies too, it strengthens my own.

Sister Creal is still doing really well. She is a great companion and we really help and support each other. She will go on to do great things in this mission and bring many people closer to Jesus Christ.

I love you alllllllll SO MUCH! You are in my prayers and I think of you often. Not too often to get distracted, just often enough to remember always how incredible you all are.

Love Sister Turner

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