Dear my lovely beautiful family and friends,
Thank you so much from your letters and emails! Morgan James is beautiful! He looks so good and so healthy. I've been praying for all of you all week and on Sunday Sister Creal and I fasted for him. I felt so at peace and knew that all was well. I love how even though I'm not able to communicate with you I'm able to communicate with Heavenly Father and He helps me feel at peace. I'm so excited that Morgan gets to come home today!

Guess what, I have a new P-day so I'm going to email you again tomorrow. Let me know how everything goes today so I can read more about how everyone is tomorrow. And then respond and write you again tomorrow.
Because we had transfers I'll give you a brief update.
Companion: Sister Creal (so happy I get to continue training her, she is awesome and so full of love for everyone around her, I'm excited for the things I will continue to learn from her as we continue this next transfer together)

Zone: Cover (Which means I get to learn all about the beehive house, I'll be in there half of each day. It will be a lot to learn but I'm really looking forward to it)

District Leader: Me (which means I get to serve the sisters in our district by holding weekly meetings, meeting with each of them (3 companionship's) individually each week and helping in any way I can and encouraging them. Making sure that everyone in our district has their questions answered and stay happy and diligent. I'm sure there is more to it and I get to find out tomorrow. I know it will be a lot and a lot to learn but I love the sisters and I'm grateful to be able to serve them in this calling)

Assignment: Sacrament Meeting coordinator. The sisters in the mission all go to a sacrament meeting at 7:30 in the morning however we have the opportunity to go and speak at other wards in the Salt Lake Area (Like I did a couple transfers ago). So now Sister Creal and I are in charge of organizing that. Talking with bishops who would like to have sisters come, assigning topics and what sisters will go. It will be good. Sister Creal loves organizing too so we will have fun with that together.
It will be a very busy transfer with lots to learn but I'm very grateful for that.

Sister Turner  
P.S.S I went to the dentist. He told me it was free, isn't that nice - Utah is a great place to serve a mission

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