Well another P-day to write to you all!

It seems strange to have two p-days in a row but also a great opportunity to relax :) I was excited to be able to hear more about how each of you are doing!

This week has been great! We have seen so many miracles. I think I told you about the fellow that we talked to on chat a little while ago from B.C, since we met him we've taught him twice, he met with the missionaries twice, went to church and will be meeting the missionaries again today! MIRACLES :) 

We also talked to Monica from Florida, She is so sweet. Her boyfriend is a less active member and when he proposed to her she said that she didn't want to marry him until she was baptized. She is so prepared and everything we talk about she says just makes sense. She loves that there are modern day prophets and she was so grateful to hear that God was more then some miraculous being but that he really is a loving Heavenly Father, we had a great lesson with her and she said she would go to church on Sunday. I wish I could tell you about all the amazing people we are teaching in detail, we see so many miracles everyday.

On the Wednesday morning of transfers the sisters from outbound come back. We got to pick up Sister Jung from the airport! I love her so much :) It was so great to be able to see her again. It's sad to think that this is her last transfer and that in 6 weeks she will be gone back to Korea! I need to visit her one day. Or maybe I'll she will come visit me, she was outbound in Spokane, so close to B.C!

We contacted for a Korean motorcoach the other day! It was sooooooooooo FUN. I love the motorcoaches that come :)

I have new roommates this transfer Sisters Cao (China), Hee (Hawaii), Calderwood (Alaska), Chatterton (Austrialia) and of course my lovely companion Sister Creal from Indiana :). I love this mission the sisters are amazing!

Today we are going to go print off some pictures at rite-aid and then go to Harmons market and get some fruit and vegetables. We don't get money on our cards until next p-day so we aren't going to buy a lot of food but I NEED fruit! :) 

I'm so happy that everyone is well, I will of course keep you all in my prayers still, I love you all so much.

Oh I forgot to tell you what I've been studying about! Lately I've been thinking about when we invite others to be baptized we are inviting them to take upon themselves the name of Christ but I didn't really understand what that means so I was studying it in Preach my Gospel. I just realized I don't have my notes with me. It was so good though, I love the gospel and that we are constantly learning. One thing I really do remember is that when we take upon ourselves the name of Christ we will be able to better recognize the Savior and that he will be able to recognize us and welcome us with open arms. There is so much more and I don't know why I can't remember everything I learned right now, maybe it's because I have a lot on my mind.

I'm looking forward to the new transfer. Like I said yesterday I'm really looking forward to serving the sisters and learning more from each of them. I always have so much to learn.

Well, we need to go now, I have to go drop off the transfer schedules for the sisters. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! Until next week, lots of hugs and kisses.

Love Sister Turner

P.S Did you know you can still send me dearelders? It's great when my friends from Canada send them to me because instead of taking like 10 days it takes like 2 days. I still LOVE letters and getting mail and hand written letters but I also wanted to let you know it's another way you can send me mail. I think you may have to have an account and pay like 40 cents per letter but it's cheaper than Canadian postage.


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