MERRY CHRISTMAS Family and Friends

I hope you are all having a really wonderful day! It's Christmas! Thank you for all your love and support and presents and cards and love! I've been having the BEST couple of days! The mission had a big Christmas party last night - We watched 'Miracle on 34th Street', ate Cafe Rio :), sang carols and played the bells, made aprons with signatures from the sisters, some of the sister put on a real nativity and it was ALL so much FUN!!!!! I will send you pictures. I will also send you pictures of a member dinner we went to on Thursday. It was the first member dinner I've been to as a missionary and it was so great because we got to share a spiritual thought and we sang them a Christmas song! 

There are sisters all around me talking so I'm a little distracted but I will do my best to focus. We are having another Christmas party today! 

 I'm so happy and I'm excited to talk to you on the 30th to thank you better for alllllllllllllllll the gifts! I love you all very much! Friends THANK YOU for the cards and presents I feel soooooooooooo much love! 

I just took a break from writing to send you a million pictures and I still have a whole bunch more! Oh I love all the pictures you sent today! I feel like it's been so long since I've seen pictures of you mom and dad! You are both so lovely! I really like all the pictures! 

It's so tempting to call you all right now but at the same time I really want the Days to be there. I will call you at 3pm your time on the 30th. I figured you'd for sure be home from church by then, even if you missed the 1:30 ferry. Oh speaking of church. So many people from our ward at home sent me Christmas cards! They are so nice! I love them!

Being a missionary is so great! It's so fun to be here. The Gillette's are so nice and they make sure that all us sisters have so much fun all the time. It feels like a big family with lots of sisters :) 

I spent more time sending pictures then writing today because I knew I would be able to talk to you all in a couple days. 

Excerpts from my  letter to President this week-

"Thank you for all you, Sister Gillette and all the presidency have done for us this Christmas time to help us feel so much love. I'm so happy. Temple Square Mission is the best and I feel very blessed to be here!"
"This week has been great. Sister Hinton and I have been able to help our new investigators turn into progressing investigators and I love seeing all the positive changes those we have been talking to have been making. I hope and pray that they will continue to progress as they feel the Spirit testify to them that the Book of Mormon is true. Two of our investigators will be baptized this week."
"The zone is great. Each sister has her individual challenges but with love miracles happen. I'm especially happy with ..."
"I've been studying about The Atonement a lot this week. Because as I take time to remember the Saviors birth it always brings me to think about his life and his sacrifice for each of us. Heavenly Father loves us so he sent his son. I found these few scriptures in my studies the other day that I really like - Mosiah 3: 8, 13, 17 and 20. I know the Savior lives and loves us and that it only through him we can receive a remission of our sins and enter in the Kingdom of God."

I love you alllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll VERY VERY MUCH!!!!! HUGS AND KISSES!! So excited to talk to you!!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!

LOVE Sister Emily Turner 

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