Hello Family and Friends!!!

So this weekend was THE BEST! I love Conference, I love the prophet and apostles that speak the exact words we need to hear and I love all the amazing people I was able to talk to these past few days and I already love all the people they gave us to call to teach the gospel to :) Ahhh so much love. So we (our zone) got to go to the Saturday afternoon session and it was so perfect. I felt like the first talk, I can't remember which apostle it was at the moment, spoke directly to me. I had come with a question to conference and had my question was answered again and again as I listened with the Spirit. It's amazing how that works. There is one really good quote that I like in regards to asking questions at conference - Elder Holland said "If we teach by the Spirit and you listen by the Spirit, some one of us will touch on your circumstance." So true. What talks did you like? I can't wait for the Ensign to come out so that I can read all the talks given. We live in a wonderful time!

After conference, when we are all exhausted from being on the square 7am-9pm two days in a row, the mission presidency throws a party for us. So last night we had Mexican food and then Jon Schimdt 
http://mormon.org/me/3czw  /  http://www.jonschmidt.com/catalog/index.php came and played the piano for us! He is so amazing, I don't think I've ever felt the spirit so strong through music as I did as he played the piano. There is one song that you might be familiar with that was filmed at Goshen (where we went for the mission activity a few weeks ago) where he plays the piano there. Him and his wife bore their testimonies and it was, again, just exactly what I needed to hear. I love this mission! It pays to have a mission president who knows EVERYONE. I took a couple videos on my camera but I think they are to large to send you. Can you send my the flash drive I sent you back to me? There are more pictures and videos I want to put on it. So many sisters loose their flash drive and go crazy so I want to make sure I have a back up. 

Serving in the Beehive House is going well. There are many people who come to learn about the prophet or history and leave being enlightened by the Spirit. It's a wonderful place to serve. We have been finding lots of new investigators. It's exciting to have the almost the whole world to teach in with only a few areas not available, hopefully it won't be to long before the entire world is open for missionaries. 

I just found out this info about my mission area"Facts and Statistics Updated on 31 December 2011USA-Utah When the first company of Latter-day Saint pioneers began to journey westward, they did not know their end destination. But on 24 July 1847, when the wagons rolled out of the canyon into the Salt Lake Valley, their destination became apparent. "It is enough," Church President Brigham Young said as he viewed the valley below. "This is the right place. Drive on." Young named the area "Deseret," meaning honeybee, signifying the hive of activity that would soon inhabit the area. The President stayed only 33 days before returning to Winter Quarters in Nebraska to assist other families on their trek. At least 236 pioneer companies of approximately 60,000 pioneers crossed the plains for Utah. With time, they transformed the desert valley into the bustling and prosperous Salt Lake City.

Several historic sites exist in the state today, including Temple Square, visited by nearly 5 million people annually. From the Square, the Mormon Tabernacle Choir performs a weekly broadcast from one of largest timber-roofed buildings in the world. The broadcast is the longest continuous broadcast program in the United States. In addition to the Salt Lake Temple, which took early members more than 40 years to complete, 12 other temples dot the state. Four more temples are announced, under construction or being remodeled."

I feel so blessed to be in such a wonderful place rich in pioneer history. 

 I've changed so much on my mission and I pray that it will last my whole life. The best thing is when I realize something about myself has changed and it always happens without me realizing. The other day I realized I am so much happier and so much more at peace when I am humble and let the Lord help me with the little details of my life. I pray for charity and it gives me the strength I need to improve a little each day. These are some things I wrote down from my favorite talk on Saturday Conference was "Don't take short cuts, little things lead to big things" also  " Greater peace comes to those who are humble and accept the Lords will. Focus outwardly." and lastly, this is something that I SO needed to hear " Don't try to do everything at once. Each phase of life is important take one step at a time and when you do think of if it is something the Savior would do". Those aren't direct quotes from the talk but direct quotes from my notes I took as I allowed the Spirit to teach me through the inspiration of listening to an apostle of the Lord. 

I love you all VERY MUCH!!! Many hugs and love going your way! 

Love, Sister Turner 


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