Hello beautiful family and friends!

How are you all this beautiful day? I love being a missionary and everyday is wonderful :)

OH first and foremost you have to tell Raven CONGRATULATIONS! For me and that her darling daughter is soooooooooooooooooooooo beautiful and that I'm so happy her for and Keenan!  Anyway I love the picture and I love her name Kaydence, so beautiful! 

OHHHHHHHHHH I have news!!! So you know how the change in missionary age reduced the MTC times, well if you didn't hear about it they've changed the MTC time to 2 weeks instead of 3 so that means that everyone's release dates have been changed. So I'm not longer getting released on the 19th of June, it will most likely be the 12th June. I will let you know next week but I wanted to give you a heads up so you can change your vacation dates at work. So guess what that means... We will be together for my birthday! 

Sarah and Mom and anyone else who was involved with the Christmas parcel THANK YOU SO MUCH!! Sister Hinton and I are soooooooooooooo excited to go to the Garden restaurant! We are going to go on Thursday so we can open up number 3 as soon as possible! I loved the name of the advent too "Santa Baby I only want to make you happy" I explained where the name came from to Sister Hinton and she thought that was so cute! I love Matthias, I love all my wonderful nieces and nephews you are all so amazing! I love all my family! I will let you know what else I've opened next week :)

This has been a great week! We got to go the First Presidency Christmas devotional on Sunday! It was so amazing. Did you all get to watch it? I loved Dieter F Uchtdorfs talk about not just being a good giver but also about being a good receiver. It was great to hear and I think much needed for the world today. I also really liked what President Monson said about giving service and that's the gift we remember. What did you like about it? Did you find me in the crowd of 21,000 people? :) 

Our investigators are doing so great! We have been busy finding new investigators this week which has been good. Sister Hinton works hard and I love it because it really helps us fulfill our purpose as missionaries every minute of the day. We have been setting a lot of goals together and we know that Heavenly Father will help us achieve our worthy goals when we rely on him for help. Enoch is doing so great and will be getting baptized on the 15th of December! I wish you were a little closer to Vancouver and then you could go and support him! Sister Hinton and I wish we could go but we know he will have a great support there because the YSA there are awesome! Monica continues to do well and is excited for her baptismal date in January! We have been teaching a really nice woman from New York who we met at the Beehive house and that is going well. Also tonight we have a first teaching appointment from a member referral that Sister Hinton called, he is interested in different religions so we will call and teach him the restoration and help him see how the gospel of Jesus Christ has been restored to the earth. I'm excited I love teaching!

Sarah HAPPY (early) BIRTHDAY!!!!! What are you going to do for your birthday? 

Dad thanks for the email! It's interesting that you've been teaching about the fall of the Jaredites and the pride they had because just this morning Sister Hinton and I were discussing pride and how that was what got a hold of the Nephites in 4th Nephi. Also yesterday I was reading in Mosiah 26 about how many of the people that had heard the words of King Benjamin in their youth had fallen away because they "did not believe the tradition of their fathers" and I was thinking about that and relating in to missionary work and how sometimes people don't believe because they haven't tried to gain the personal witness for themselves because they rely more on the things of the world than the things of God. What I really liked was how Alma responded to these people. He wanted to help them but he didn't know what to do, it says in verse 13-15 of chapter 26 that he poured out his WHOLE soul unto God and then God was able to help him know what to do to help these people. Alma was so humble and so willing to be taught by God. Sometimes I expect immediate results and answers to prayers but I need to be more like Alma and take the time to pour out my whole soul unto God and then he will lead me to what I need to do to help others. Anyway thank you for sharing with me what you were learning and teaching, that is a little but about what I've been studying lately.

Mom I loved getting your emails too and I hope I was able to answer your questions in this email :) And I'm so glad you are enjoying your calling. I hope for a chance to work with the youth soon after my mission. I've been able to teach a lot of youth on my mission and it's so great. I love you so much! And once again I'm really excited about my Christmas advent adventure! 

I LOVE YOU ALL! And I just want you to know that I LOVE being a missionary there has been nothing else that has brought me so much peace and happiness! The work of the Lord truly is a great work.
Love Sister Turner


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