First announcement of the day... Next time I email you I will be in the CALIFORNIA ARCADIA MISSION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I'm so excited :) I leave very early tomorrow morning. I don't know when my next p-day is but it's probably going to be on Monday or Tuesday of next week. It's going to be very different and a big change but it's going to be so great! 
Sister Emily Turner
California Arcadia Mission
170 West, Duarte Road,
Arcadia California
USA  91007
We just had a meeting with all 27 sisters who will be going outbound so at the moment I'm super excited! President and Sister Gillette spoke with the assistants and got all of us very excited about where we are going and to remind us to be exactly obedient (just like we are on Temple Square) also to help us make the most out of our experience.  A couple notes I took at the meeting
- Bloom where you are planted
- Appreciate the differences 
- Learn how to bridge to anything around you (you probably won't have a temple to bridge off of at a door step)
- D&C 58:27-28 
- Do good and Be good
- Be a strength and a light to all those around you! 

I'm very excited to go and find out exactly where I will be in the mission. I just got my map and it's a pretty big area, although I think anything would look big after having a 35 acre mission :) I return to Temple Square March 20th. I mailed all my big heavy winter clothes to Sarah's house. It was sad to not be able to wear them any more because I love them but I'm also happy to leave the freezing snowy Utah and go to the sunshine in California! It will still be a little cold there 16-18 on some days but when I checked the weather the average was 20's. No more -8!   

Did everyone have a good Christmas? It was so nice to be able to talk to some of you the other day. Day family I'm sad I didn't get a chance to talk to you but maybe on mothers day we can figure out a way to talk. Oh by the way mom and dad I'll be calling you tonight around 6 or 7 for 5 minutes to tell you about outbound. So we get to talk AGAIN! 

Happy NEW YEARS!!! What did everyone do? I've been set apart as a missionary for exactly one year today :) Feels great! I still have a whole half a year left :) Last night the mission got together and we watched a video of some of the sisters being interviewed and pictures for the year. We all counted down (at 10pm :) and drank Martinelli's (sp?). It was fun but I was so super tired because we had woken up really early for transfer conference, which was in the Conference Center by the way. So much fun. I'm going to send you a couple pictures now before I forget.

I will miss Temple Square and the sisters here a lot.  I know this is where the Lord wants me to go at this time and I will have many opportunities for growth and to help others to come closer to Christ. I feel so blessed to have the priesthood authority again on the earth. 

I will miss Monica and Enoch and our other investigators so much. Two of the Bishop Family (Bishop being the last name) got baptized on Saturday. We got to talk to them and it was wonderful to hear of their experience. It brings me so much joy to see the positive change in the lives of others as they accept the Atonement and work towards enduring (well) to the end! Mosiah 2:41

Oh I forgot to tell you what Sister Hinton is doing next transfer, she was called to be the next assistant to the president and I know she will do such a great job these last two transfers she is here. I'm excited for her to be able to serve the mission and continue to teach our investigators I know she will do amazing! It was so fun to serve with her, especially at Christmas time. I don't think I've ever met anyone who loves Christmas and taking pictures quite as much as I do : )It was so fun being a ZL with her. 

I have a really good quote from one of the Canadian sisters who will be going home this transfer " The harder the task is the greater potential for joy". I love it because it reminds me of this great work and how we are able to experience joy. I'm just so excited to give my all and serve the Lord with all my heart, might, mind and strength this year and all the years to come. Goals start at a one step at a time process and I know that as we all continue to strive to give our BEST each and every day that is where true joy is found. It has been so great to understand how we use the Atonement for much more then just sin but for strength and I'm looking forward to continuing to study and apply all that I learn. 

I love you all so much! I look forward to telling you all about California :)

Love Sister Turner 


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