We had a really good week and the best part about it was that Peter is now a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints! It was a wonderful day and a great experience to see him get baptized and hear his testimony after his baptism. A lot of people came out to support him and it was a really wonderful weekend. I had a realization while I was sitting watching him get baptized of the importance of giving him the continued support he needs in his Gospel progression. In Preach my Gospel it talks about those we teach and how we need to always remain worthy of their trust and that each convert is a serious and important responsibility. Leaving Temple Square I had been really hoping for an opportunity to see someone get baptized and see their conversion from start to finish. Meeting Peter and teaching him with Sister Fleming continues to be a great experience and an honor. I've learned a lot from him about trusting the Spirit and trusting God. 

I'm a bit sick today but I've been drinking lots of emergen-c and grapefruit seed extract. I guess my body has decided to just get all my illnesses over with before I return to Temple Square, not too much fun now but I am grateful that I'm not at Temple Square because it is not as convenient to 'take it easy' there. I hope this little cold is the last of my aliments. Good news that my tooth hasn't been hurting at all though!!! I did what you said a tampered off the ibuprofen and I haven't needed to take it at all this week. I go to the dentist again on Wednesday which I'm not necessarily looking forward to but I'm also grateful for the results it will have so that I don't need to be in pain anymore.

We had a great day on Saturday. We went to go find some former investigators that were in the area book and one of the doors we knocked on the man we were looking for didn't live there anymore but a really nice girl lives at the house now. Her son was so happy to see us and brought out the cutest puppies for us to see. They were so little and cute they just barely had their eyes open. Both Sister Fleming and I love puppies and so we had so much fun talking to Meggy and her son and playing with the puppies. We taught her a little bit about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and she said that she hasn't found a religion that fits her right but that she would like to have guidance in her life. She has gone through some tough things in her life and it is her faith in God that helped her overcome. We are going to go back and teach her and her son more on Saturday. 

Oh I have a cool story about being in the right place at the right time the other day. We were driving to an appointment to teach one of the little girls in our ward who will be getting baptized next month. Normally we wouldn't teach her because she is 8 but her family is a part member family and so her mom asked us if we can teach her. I love her and it's so fun to hear her pure testimony about God and prayer. I learn so much from children and their example. Her name is Ruby and she is so much fun. I feel very blessed to be given the opportunity to teach her, it's so important to teach the children and youth of the church because they are the future missionaries and leaders of the church. Alright I'm getting side tracked. So we were heading to our appointment to teach her and there was a women on the side of the road with a sign that said "Help I need a jump start" right after we passed her both Sister Fleming and I felt like we needed to go back and help her. We called Ruby's mom and asked if it would be okay if we were a bit late. She was okay with it so we looped around and went back to help the lady. She said she had been stuck for over 2 hours and no one had stopped by to help! She said she was reading the Bible and praying that someone would come help her. It was a wonderful moment for me to realize that God hears each of us and guides his willing children to help those in need. It reminded me of when President Monson talks about never disregarding a prompting and how we need to always be instruments in Gods hands. It was a blessing to be able to help her. 

I just sent you some pictures from last couple weeks. I love you all so much. Thanks for your prayers and love :)

Love Sister Turner


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