Lovely lovely family and friends:) 

How are you all!  P-day is going GREAT so far!

Sarah I love your blogs and the stories about your lovely babies! Your children are amazing and you are an amazing mother! I can't forget about Nathan too you are both such great parents! And of course a wonderful example to me:)

Mom thank you for your cards this week! I love hearing from you and the cards you send are always so beautiful! I love the quotes too! You are so kind and loving to me. I feel so blessed to have you. Also you mentioned relating your work at the temple to your life now and I definitely know what you mean. I always think about that and I know working at the temple was definitely an inspired call, it really prepared me to serve a mission. I'm so grateful that I had that opportunity. I love the Temple! It's been closed since June 25th and will be closed until Aug 13 so I'm looking forward to when I can go again next month. 

Amanda!!!! I miss you and I miss hearing from you and how you are! Did you get my letters or email? I love you so much and would love to hear from you :) Give Lyra kisses for me. 

So to begin telling you about my AMAZING P DAY!!!! So we woke up this morning, went to Temple Square and served in Guest Services for a bit and then we went to a baptism!!!! We took this lovely family around temple square on Friday, the husband was preparing for baptism and the wife has been working on getting active again. They were so sweet and they really felt the Spirit on Temple Square. The elders were with them and during the tour we took them to the front of the temple where we committed them to prepare to be sealed in the temple 1 year from the husbands baptism. It was so powerful, the spirit was so strong and they agreed that, that was something that they were going to work towards. They invited us to the baptism this morning and it was so nice. they were both so happy together and her children were so great and excited for their family. The ward was really nice and welcoming too. I will send you pictures. 

The next adventure we went on was we decided to go out to lunch on our way home. Sister Steenblik had a gift card for "Little America" so we decided to go there. While we were there a really nice lady came up to us and told us she was buying us lunch! She was so sweet, as missionaries we have to refuse first so we told her it was okay but that it was very kind of her, but then she persisted and said that she needed the blessings, she said it in such a cute way and we accepted. The food was so good! I love food and nice people. Their are so many amazing people in the world, that definitely  isn't the first time that has happened either. Their are so many amazing members here, it's also really exciting for us because we never have dinner appointments. Anyway there are a lot of very lovely people in the world that are taking care of me! 

After emailing we are going to a performance at the conference center! It's a free performance (which is exciting) and it's a BYU Idaho dance performance. You could look at it at We are excited to go! I love serving on Temple Square. I feel like this transfer p-days have been really hectic and crazy so I'm so excited to have a fun and exciting one. We will then go home, write letters, clean and do laundry.

So you can see how much fun I've been having :) 

This week has been good. Went by way to fast!!! I find out my fate for next transfer on Monday! I'm excited and have no idea what I will be doing. Coming to temple square I thought that there was much difference with transfers because we don't move far from place to place but it is incredible how different each transfer has been and will be with different companions and assignments. Because I don't think I will be in the same zone and that I might not have a p-day next week I think I will write a post card today (because I can only write letters on p-day) and fill in the blanks on Monday and send it off to Sarah and so that you can know what I will be doing. If I sent it to Canada you would probably get my email I send in two weeks before the post card.

We had an amazing youth conference group this week. The youth that came were mostly less active and it was a really great experience helping them feel the Spirit and recognize that. They were great. I really love the youth and feel very privileged to be able to help them see their potential.  They need our love and support. 

Well I love you all so much, I want to try sending you some pictures! 
You are all so wonderful thank you for your love, support and letters :)  my family and my lovely friends as well :) 

THERESE I GOT YOUR WEDDING INVITATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you I loved hearing from you ( could you message that to Trezzypoo for me please)  


Love Sister Turner 

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