Well my lovely family and friends,

 I FINALLY have a P-DAY!!We have had so many miracles this week and that I'm so excited to share with you :)

I want to tell you what I am doing this transfer .... My zone is South 3 which means I get to be on the square a LOT more which I LOVE. My P-day is Tuesday... as you can see. AND my new companion is Sister Creal! My assignment is training and so she came from the MTC! She is awesome and learning so fast. She's even a little sick right now but she works super hard and we are being blessed through our diligence and hard work. I love being able to help her in any way I can. I'm excited to have this opportunity to train a new missionary. We get along well and things are going great. I wish I could just pass all the knowledge on to her but I know that she has to have the good and bad experiences to learn. I'm grateful and she feels comfortable coming to me and we work well together. 

When I found out I was training I had two days to wait to find out who it was. I was excited but I knew I needed Heavenly Father's help so I asked for a blessing from President Gillette. It was so nice and so helpful to know what to do and how to help her the best I can. We are so blessed to be able to have the priesthood restored to the earth. I've been thinking lately of how the temple would just be a pretty building if the priesthood was not there, it is because we are blessed to have the priesthood that it is the house of the Lord. That is why thousands of people come to temple square, because they feel different as the walk around the Temple grounds. They feel the Spirit.

Guess what! You know how I told you about teaching Sam in England! Well I knew he was coming to Temple Square but I didn't know when because I haven't been able to get a hold of him for a while. Actually the last time I spoke to him was when he told us about his baptism. Well today Sister Creal and I were walking around Temple Square looking for people to talk to and we stopped to say hi to someone and guess who that was! Sam and Abby (his sister who also recently got baptized)!  That was such a miracle because that NEVER happens (that we run into people we know) ! I was so excited and happy to meet them :) They are going to schedule a tour on Friday and we will take them around. They were just as amazed as I was that we were able to just happen to run into them. I'm so grateful that Heavenly Father lead me to talk to them. He hadn't got my calls because he's been traveling. As we are obedient the Lord truly blesses us. 

Also another great experience that happened this week was that we were able to meet James and Jean. They are an amazing couple. Heavenly Father has truly been preparing them to receive the gospel. They were here on vacation to Utah to decide if they want to move here and they were curious to learn more about church. To back up a little bit to before we met them we were downstairs in the mission office area, I forget what we were doing - eating lunch or studying or something. Anyway a call came in that there were two people upstairs that spoke English that wanted to be shown around Temple Square. We jumped on the opportunity and let the sister know we were available. Every time before going to the square we ALWAYS say a prayer, as I prayed I included that we would know where to take them  (like always however this time I felt a very distinct feeling that they need to be taken to the museum) When I finished the prayer Sister Creal said she felt they we needed to go to the Christus so we decided to go to both. As we met them we felt instantly that they were ready to learn more. They didn't even seem to really care about the history (like the Tabernacle and such like most people do) they just wanted  to know about the beliefs. The museum was perfect because it goes through the first vision and tells of the sacrifice the pioneers made because of their faith. As we took them to the Christus we shared more about how we believe it is important to always follow the example of Jesus Christ. They wanted to know how we were introduced to the church. I always love being asked this question because I get to share how grateful I am that my mom chose to listen to the missionaries and pray about the book of mormon to know it is true. Then to go on to say how grateful I am that my dad later joined the church so that my family can know that we will be together forever through the blessings of the Temple. Sharing that really touched their hearts, The Spirit was so strong. At first they rejected meeting missionaries but as we shared more about the Book of Mormon and told them that is how they can know these things are true the asked for a copy. We let them know that they are missionaries just like us who can teach them more and they said they would really like that. I love the Spirit and how it testify to the heart of the listener as we obey the promptings we receive.

Oh so many other wonderful things happened this week but I don't have time to write them all. I will write letters when I go home today. And there is always my journal which you can read when I go home home. 

I LOVE YOU ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL SOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCHHHHHHHHHH! You are ALL in my prays ALL the time. Amanda especially you as you prepare to bring another beautiful baby into the world. 

Hugs and kisses :)

Kim Bratt
08/05/2012 2:10pm

Dear Sister Turner~
I hope I'm able to connect through this site and let you know how much I've been thinking about you. In fact, I have your snail mail address on my table all ready to write you. I have been away for a couple of months, one month in Fort McMurray. It was great to connect with your parents and see them there. They look so well and happy and love the area and the people My husband and I looked into getting possible work there too, but think I'm a little older then your parents and a lot more tired; so not sure if that's what I want to do.
The summer is passing quickly though and I'm so glad to read about your mission and the great work you're able to do for the Lord and His church. I hope you stay well and know that we think about you here in Cambpell River and cheer you on from here. with love, Sister Kim Bratt


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