Hello :)
How are you all?

Oh my goodness thank you so much for sending me the adorable video of Adelaide! SHE IS SO CUTE!!!!!! ahhh. 

Also I love the picture of Lyra on Amanda's blog. 
I can't believe how much older she is looking.
Can you PLEASE FB Therese and tell her I NEED her address and I NEED to hear from her! 

Also yes isn't that exciting about Ravybaby! YAY! 
AH I can't believe Toni is engaged too! Can you get her address so I can write her a congratulations and ask for the story! 
Thank you :)
So much good news this week! It's crazy for some reason I thought everything would be the same when I got home but I'm realizing more and more how different things will actually be. It is good though. Life continues to carry on for everyone.
I'm getting my hair cut in 40 minutes! I'm excited. I'm not doing anything drastic but a good trim. 
This week went by soooooooooooo fast. I'm already on week 5 of the transfer and we only have 6 weeks each transfer. Next week will probably be my last email on Saturday and I may skip the next week. Just a heads up if you don't hear from me the week after next.
Canada day was good, I was surprised at how many sisters wore red and white :) Although I have to say it was rather uneventful compared to the 4th of July. I'm sure every sister was wearing red/white and blue. They closed the square a 1/2 hour early so at 8:30pm we went and ate some food and then went to the 26th floor of the church office building and sang songs and then watched the fireworks that were happening all over the city! It was so cool to be up there! It was so cool especially because the Church Office Building closes at 5pm so if I wasn't a missionary I never would have had that opportunity! I took some pictures but I forgot my camera today so I will have to send them to you another day.
Guest Services has been busy. I'm anticipating a new challenge though. It's really true that when you can train someone with what you are doing your ready for your next step. I've told Sister Steenblik pretty much everything that I know about Guest Services and so I am excited to move on to my next adventure next transfer. I'm curious as to what I will be doing.
The young women in the C.R ward wrote me the nicest little notes that I got in the mail last week! They are so sweet. It was great to hear from them. I can imagine it's hard being a young women when your support group is so small. But it really is true that through trials is how you grow stronger.
I'm not sure what to write about. Like I said this week went by so fast I'm trying to remember things that I did.
Well if I can't remember events I will tell you more about what I am learning. I've come to realize something that I've been doing on my mission that has been helping me a lot is just to have a positive attitude. I hadn't really noticed I was doing it until this last week when quite a few sisters came to me with trials that they are going through and the way they think about things. I'm not sure why they come to me because I don't do much other then listen for a time and then ask them if they've prayed about it and usually tell them about a talk I've read (on a side note they usually haven't prayed and that is really what helps them). However I see these sisters going through such a tough time and I think to myself if they were able to change their attitude everything would be so much better. Sometimes it is really hard to change your attitude when you over think it and try to figure it out but really, for me at least it is just making a concrete decision and sticking with it even when times get hard. Please don't get me wrong and take it as though I am saying that everything is easy and happy and lovely every minute of every day and there are definitely times when I look at things negatively but when I try to see the good in every situation the situation just gets so much better! It really comes down to a personal choice and then act. Also I don't think anything can be achieved without putting your trust and faith in God.
Hmmm I'm not sure if the above paragraph will make sense to anyone else but it does to me and I'm running out of time so I won't backspace it because then this email would be very short.
I'm still trying to figure out 'my potential as a missionary'. I can't get it out of my mind and I keep on working on it through various talks, scripture study and prayer. I think the thing that maybe is the hardest is that I can't quite figure out what that phrase even means. What is a potential anyway? And shouldn't I not be able to ever reach my potential because I always need to be improving? I've had quite a few trials this transfer as I've been figuring that out and it's really helped me to see the good that comes through trials. I keep a daily journal which really helps me see any ups and downs (even when the are slight) and how I am able to overcome. Growing up I often wanted an immediate response to prayer and questions I had but I've really come to see that it rarely happens that way and that it is so important to just continue on struggling until one day you wake up and realize that, that struggle is over.
Anyway my time is about up. I love you all sooooo much. I know I say it every week but there is not other way to say it. I hope you are all happy healthy and well and you all mean the world to me! I'm so grateful to have such an amazing family and wonderful friends! I don't know if you realize how amazing you all are. I do! AND I LOVE YOU!
Love your daughter, sister, sister-in-law, aunt and friend,

 ~ Sister Turner xoxoxoxo

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