Hello my lovely family and friends!

I got the birthday package a couple days ago and I'M DYING TO OPEN IT! I actually left it on the square so that it doesn't tempt me at home! I'm so excited and I can't wait to open it - only 1 week left! I love the anticipation of seeing it though :) Thank you.

So I have a lovely new companion :) Her name is Sister Steenblik and she is from Spokane Washington :) So a lot closer then Korea, Hawaii or Arizona. She is very sweet and I'm excited to be her companion. I've been training her on all that Sister Pickrel and I did in Guest Services and she catches on really quick so it's great :) 

And guess what! It's her birthday this month too! It's on the 30th so we are going to have a Canada Day/Birthday celebration for her. I'm not sure what to do for my birthday, but I'm really happy that it's on a P-Day. maybe I will take a nap- that would be nice, it's been a long time since I've had time to nap. And of course on my birthday I will OPEN MY PARCEL!!!

Wow I read your email about the barn. That's no good, but I'm glad you have insurance and just think it could have been so much worse. It's great that you were home mom so that you could catch it before it go out of control.

Matthias's baptism sounds like it was really nice :) I'd love to see pictures! I'm so happy for you Matthias.

Oh guess what! Elder Holland came to the mission on Monday! He gave an amazing talk. I was literally sitting like 3 feet from him and it was great to hear him speak in person. He looks you right in the eye and speaks with such power and authority. He talked about how this really is the only time in our lives where we will have this responsibility to share the gospel like we do and truly be representatives of Jesus Christ. It was amazing. I'm not explaining it very well but I took like 5 pages of notes so I know I got a lot out of it. Listening to him speak just made me so grateful to be on a mission. He also promised us that this will be the greatest summer Temple Square has ever seen. I'm excited to work hard and to be a part of this great work. Also after he spoke he shook all of our hands and told each of us that he loves us. It was such a neat experience. I LOVE TEMPLE SQUARE!!!

Guest Services is getting more and more busy as summer approaches and I love it. I'm constantly arranging tours and scheduling appointments. Sometimes it's a little crazy but working with the Spirit is amazing. This past week I've had so many instances where sisters will come and tell us about the miracles that happen on the tours. Like I mentioned before, we pray before we assign the tours (aka walking lessons) and it's neat to hear the sisters come back with stories like - "That person lives two blocks from my house, how did you know?,  We were able to connect and the Spirit was so strong"  or on "The tour you assigned me to there was two people who were deaf and I know ASL, did you know that? Because I was there the people said that they have been traveling around on a bus but they weren't learning anything because no one knew ASL"  etc. It's amazing to see Heavenly Fathers hand in the work. He is truly preparing his children to receive the restored gospel and he wants to bless there lives and they come to accept him as thier Heavenly Father.

Oh I have two new room mates. One of them is my district leader, her name is Sister Dotterer and she is so sweet, I love her. She is from North Carolina and of course her companion is in our apartment as well. Her name is Sister Bowden and she is from England. She's so sweet and so funny. We laugh a lot and it's fun. She's so funny and every once and a while she will say Harry Potter to me, haha because she knows I love it and that I love how she says it. She has the funniest random comments too. I can't think of any right now but they are so British and funny. Oh also we decided that we are related becaues she has family that were Turners that moved to America. I had to move all my stuff to a new room but luckily it was just one door over :) I will miss Sister Pickrel and our roommates Sister Kyle and Sister Jardine but I see them all the time on the square to it's all good.

Well I love you all very much :)  I'm so grateful for the love and support of my amazing friends and I love you all soo much :)
Love Sister Turner 

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