Family and Friends!!

Sorry I didn't email yesterday, it was a holiday and the library was closed.

Guess what! Yesterday was transfer day and I was transferred! I was so surprised, I'm excited that I will be able to learn a lot more from a new area but I also know I will miss all the wonderful people I've grown to love in Pasadena. I am in La Canada (said La Can-yad-a) with Sister Fogavai from American Samoa. She will be my second international companion, it's funny I had to leave Temple Square to get a international companion. She's awesome and very sweet I'm excited to learn a lot from her. 

We have tons to do in our new area because the Sisters that used to be in the area were both pulled out because they used to be covering two areas and now they are just covering the other one. It's a little overwhelming being in an area where you and your companion both don't know anyone especially since I still feel like I don't completely understand what is going on outbound. I know I will learn a lot though and I hope that I will be able to help others in the process. One of the Sisters that used to be in this area came over this morning and explained a little bit about the people her and her companion were teaching, that helped a lot and it made me more excited about the area. There is a family that we get to meet this coming week and few other less active families they've been working with. 

We live in the most FANTASTIC house! We actually live in a back pool house that is so beautiful. I forgot my camera today but I will have to send you the pictures soon. It's spoiled me for all other missionary houses. The members that live in the house in front are wonderful. We had dinner with them last night they have four children ages 11, 9, 7 and 4 which are so cute! I know I will learn many things from their family they have a very sweet spirit it their home and they are so excited about missionary work. I also live up the street from an actress but I forget her name. California is sooooooooooooooo BEAUTIFUL!

I was sick this last week but I got a blessing and I'm feeling much better now. I was a little worried because I couldn't breathe out of my nose and I had to go get the second root canal. But right after the blessing I felt so much better and the dentist went well. I still have 3 appointments left with the dentist which seems like a lot but it's not that bad once they put the freezing in. I drink tons of water and the freezing seems to come out pretty quick. 

I had a great last week with Sister Fleming. She is so much fun and we will be friends forever! It's different being transferred in this area. On Temple Square you know you will see the Sister you left even that same day because the mission is SO small. She gets home like 2 weeks after I do though so it will be easy to stay in contact with her.

Love Sister Turner 


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