Hi Family and Friends!
They dropped the restriction on how much time we spend at the computer and my companion has lots of emails to write so I will have more time to write you today! The first presidency has also just lifted the restriction from only emailing family to being able to email anyone we want. The only problem with  is that,depending on what companion I have, I might not ever have time to respond so I think I'll stick with only writing letters. If you want to add my email to my blog info you can just as long as people understand I might not have time to personally write each of them back every week. 

I only have just over a week left in California before I head back to Temple Square, the time is going so fast. I have mixed feelings about going back, I'm really excited but I know I will miss the people I've met and the experiences I've had. I am happy to go back to my Temple Square family though, I love them and the work there. There is a very special Spirit on Temple Square and I knew it was there before but I don't think I recognized the difference until I left. Noticing that has helped me realize that going to the Temple at least monthly is a goal I want to have for the rest of my life, I realize I'm sure there will be times when that isn't possible but I hope to make it  as often as I can. I can't remember who said this but it was referenced at church yesterday and I really liked it. It is that we should go to the Temple enough that it should be a sacrifice. 

We are still continuing to find in this area. It is not easy but it is worth it. It is easy to feel discouraged at times but I know those feelings do not come from the Savior and that I need to learn to recognize how to be diligent despite what I see in the near future. President Gillette often speaks of seeing the long range view of things. At the time when I heard it I only took it to mean that we need to think beyond baptism to helping people get to the Temple. While yes that is true it is also true that at some points in missionary work you may only be able to talk to someone for a few moments or share a very brief message with them but the long range view is how that short message could have an effect on them even 10 years down the road when they meet another missionary and are ready at that time. All of the people I've taught and help to be baptized have had many encounters with the church before. I'm just the step they take to bring them closer to God. I'm learning a lot in this area and I know there are people waiting to hear the truth we just need to find them. It is through adversity that brings us closer to God. Trials make you stronger, it is hard to realize sometimes but if you take a moment to study and ponder and pray you realize the good that comes from trials. 

Excerpt from my letter to President Becerra Hello President,

"Another good week in La Canada! We are still looking for new investigators but I know they are out there. We were able to teach quite a few Less-active members this past week. We are continuing to build the trust of the members by teaching them and offering service...

...I've been learning a lot being here and I'm grateful to have come into this area. I've began to learn the joy that comes through helping less-actives attend church, repent and follow the Saviors teaching. That is something that I've never really realized the importance of before. Understanding that has helped me realize that the work truly is about inviting "others" - including myself,companion and everyone we encounter - to come unto Christ . A realization I wish to take with me for the rest of my life. I know that we must continue to look for those who have not yet heard of the Gospel but while searching help those who have gone astray for what ever reason and help them know that Heavenly Father loves them..."

I love you all family and I'm happy to know you are well and together what a blessing to have one another!
Love Sister Turner 

03/17/2013 1:36pm


I am truly honored to be keep in the loop of these wonderful letters! You are doing so well and I am so proud (in a righteous kind of way---like a mother :-) ---) of YOU and what you stand for and are doing!!

You are truly standing in HOLY places dear sweet young lady! Thank you!!!

Yes, it's so true that adversity can strengthen us! I hold to that truth!

Thank you for your wonderful example to us all!!!

Much love and support for the wonderful work you are doing!!!

Love Char XO


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