DEAREST Family and Friends,
Oh how I love you all so very very much!!! So many hugs and kisses to all of you! Thank you for the wonderful pictures this week! It was so nice to see all of you!  It was nice to see a picture of you dad.  Sarah and Nathan your family is so incredibly beautiful! I love seeing the pictures. Amanda I also love the pictures on your blog, especially your baby belly :) it makes it seem more real to actually see your belly! I can't wait to see your baby!
 Hey did you know I haven't gotten sick at all on my mission! It's because you help me be so healthy :) I love eating good I feel like it gives me more energy too. thank you thank you! 
 Oh Ethan and Matthias thank you for the comics! They were so funny :) Sarah thanks for your letter! You don't know how happy it makes me to get letters from you as well! I'm just loving you all a lot right now. It's funny I don't really have desperate moments of missing you all - I'm really busy and happy here, but I definitely have moments of loving you a lot! I like it that way! I do miss you but in a good way, not in an oh I can't concentrate I miss my family sort of way.
OHHH I got to do service this week!!! It was so fun and so good! I got to wear jeans!!!  It's funny the things that are exciting on a mission :) It was the first time wearing jeans since the MTC!  Any way so for the service we got to plant flowers on the Temple Grounds!! Not like Temple Square but actually right up where the Temple is on the grounds :) It was so much fun I loved it so much! I didn't bring my camera but Sister Pickrel and I took some pictures afterward that I will send you. I was so happy that I got to do it. Only about 30 of the sisters were chosen and we were very happy to be there.
So guest services is going really good. Although it's been so busy in there it's hard to make time for our investigators but they are doing really well and it's so nice to talk to them and see them progress. I've been studying repentance for them this week and it's been really good. Repentance is such a happy thing. Really anything that brings us closer to God is repentance. When we turn our will in harmony with Gods will we will be at peace and we will be happy.
I was reading in 3 Nephi:3 this morning and I was having a bit of a hard time focusing so I tried to relate it to my life. I love how that works and how you can always find the revelation that Heavenly Father has in store for you all you need to do is try a little harder to look for it. So I was reading about all these wars and contentions and there is one part that talks about the importance uniting together in prayer and how that will help you to overcome temptation. It made me realize just how important it is to go to church. Because when we unite together with the common goal of remembering Heavenly Father and praying together we will draw ourselves closer to him and then in return we will be able to overcome all things that Satan throws at us. There is a reason that Sabbath Day observance is a commandment. Heavenly Father wants to bless us but for him to be able to do so we need to follow what he asks of us. No wonder so many people go inactive as they slowly start missing their church meetings. Anyway I liked what I got from it and I hope what I say makes sense, it works in my head anyway :)
 I love learning and relearning and learning why we do things and how it is that Heavenly Father wants us to view our lives and then one of my most favorite things is to be able to share what I learned with others! It is so good and makes me so happy!I love my mission so much! 
The time is going by so fast though! Next transfer I will only have a year left. AH!
Well I still want to have time to send you some pictures so I will end this email.
 Until next week :)
Love you all so much
Love Sister Turner

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