Hello dear Family and Friends!

So I had a miracle yesterday! I got to see a dear, dear friend :) ...Krystal Suranyi! She is just radiating the light of Christ and is such a happy return missionary! Unfortunately I didn't have much time with her but I got to see her and give her a big hug so that was nice. I'm excited to hear all about her mission when we can sit down together and share the miracles we've seen on our missions. 

Also along with that I forgot to tell Krystal about a concert that the Temple Square missionaries are putting on on April 30. She mentioned she was here for about 10 days so I don't know if she will still be here but if she is it's going to be an amazing concert. It's in the Assembly Hall and it's call "The Sounds of Music from Around the World". The different Sister missionaries will be performing some of their cultural songs and even some dances. I'll be singing in the choir. It's really going to be amazing.They also did this performance while I was outbound and they ended up having to turn people away because they didn't come early enough and the Assembly Hall was full. It's April 30th at 7:30pm.

Oh another miracle! So do you remember Sam who I met over the phone when I was in Guest Services and who was baptized in June? Alright so since July I haven't been able to get in contact with him but then today Sister Pickrel (whom I taught Sam with) got a hold of him and we spoke together on the phone!  It was good to talk to him because we are now going to be able to start teaching him again and help him strengthen his testimony.

So many miracles! 

 Well lately all return missionaries keep telling me I need to get busy as soon as possible when I get home. Don't wait around for life to happen. Get into school and work as soon as possible and surround yourself with good people. I need some advice. Family you always have advice for me don't you? I don't want to be told what to do, as usual, I just NEED to have some sort of structure to my future life so that I can fill this void of "I don't know". My heart feels a tense feeling that I haven't really felt since before my mission. I'm the happiest I've ever been as a missionary and I don't want that peace to leave me. When I set goals and make plans I feel much better. I do it each week as a missionary and I don't like the feeling of having no clue how things are going to work out. I know I need to trust in the Lord for things to work out the way He knows life can for me but I also know that I have been given intelligence to study things out in my mind and figure out my future and THEN ask God if it is right. 
When I left home I felt like coming back was a long way off and now I feel like time is speeding to fast for me to catch up. I love, love, love being a missionary. I learn so much everyday and I have so many amazing encounters and miracles everyday.  

We met an interesting man the other day. His name was Aman and it was one of the best tours I've had on Temple Square. We were introduced to him by a member who had met with a few minutes earlier and Aman had been asking the member questions. Right away we knew that this was going to be a good 'walking lesson'/tour. His questions were so sincere and amazing. He had met with missionaries 20 years ago but didn't get baptized. He had been living in Switzerland at the time and had moved (to England I think) and hadn't got in contact with the missionaries there. He recently got a new job and when they have him the two options of California or Utah he picked Utah because he remembered the church was somehow connected with Utah. Oh I forgot to mention he had kept his Book of Mormon almost the full 20 years but had lost it two years ago and so he downloaded it on his phone. He talked about how he can't remember what the missionaries looked like or their names but he remembers the incredible feeling of the Spirit as he read the Book of Mormon and studied with the missionaries. He explained an overwhelming feeling that came over him the first time he read the Book of Mormon and he knew it was true. His testimony was very powerful and he's not even a member of the church yet! We aren't calling him because two of the Sister missionaries here had already gotten his contact info and it's confusing if too many missionaries start calling but it was a wonderful experience to hear him bare his sincere testimony and I'm grateful for the experience I had. 

 I love you very much and I hope you are all happy, healthy and well. 
Love, Sister Turner


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