Hello Dear family and friends!

So transfer conference was last Sunday night and this is what I will be doing this transfer....

My companion is  Sister Eggenberger from Switzerland! She was in my zone before I went outbound and I love her. She's outbound right now but comes back tomorrow, I'm so excited. We are going to have so much fun and work so hard, I'm sure we will have many language tours because she speaks 5 languages! Crazy I can't wait! 

Zone - West 1 which is Welfare Square and Humanitarian Center! I've wanted to serve there my whole mission and now I'll get a chance! It also covers West Gate, Guest Services and The Office Assistants so I will be busy,busy busy which I am so happy about!

Assignment - Zone Leader. We have 3 districts of beautiful sisters who I am so happy I will get a chance to serve with. I'm sure I will learn a lot from each of them. I think total, in our zone, we have 20 sisters including my companion and I. 

And I will be living in the house apartments instead of the apartment building. It will be perfect and easy for when you come pick me up . I like the house, it has a lovely view of the Temple out the kitchen window :) 

My life is fantastic. I feel a tad bit overwhelmed but I know the Lord will help me as I do my best. Summer is coming and along with it all the tourists. The square is busy and there are many people to teach. I hope with the many assignments an venues to cover, that my investigators will continue to do well and progress in their learning. A few of them are in contact with the local missionaries so that is comforting because I know they will be supported by them if I'm not as available to be there for them. Those whom I am teaching who are not yet ready for the missionaries I pray that I will be able to know what to teach them to help them feel more comfortable with the idea. 

Today is a busy day because of the concert we are doing. Mom and Dad I wish it was going to be put on while you were here. I think you'd really like it. We had the dress rehearsal the other day and we have some very talented sisters here. My favorite is the Samoan dance and song. It's beautiful. The choir is also singing a beautiful compilation of 'Sound of Music" songs an there is just a lot of really amazing talent. Oh there is one number that 4 sisters play on two pianos at the same time! Like I mentioned before their were so many people that came last time that they had to turn people away. I think a lot of people will come again this time. If anyone I know is coming come around 7 to make sure you get in. It starts at 7:30. One of our investigators were going to come but he got sick yesterday. However a really cute little girl who we took on a temple square tour and got baptized last Saturday is going to come so that is exciting.

This past transfer has had unique challenges but I feel like I've grown a lot because of it. Each time a transfer comes to an end I like to reflect and think of the refining the Lord has given me and also notice how much I still need to improve. Improvement comes over time through patient perseverance. It is no use to say "I wish I..." or "why did I..." rather we should say "look at what I've been able to accomplish" and "I'm so grateful that... Next time I will..." we must have a positive outlook  on life if we are to have joy in this life. There was an a quote that Sister Gillette quoted in our mission transfer conference that really stuck out to me "Don't cry because it's over, Smile because it happened" Isn't that just so perfect. I think that may be a goal for life. 

Last District meeting I instructed the Sisters based off a talk given by Dieter F Uchtdorf "Always in the Middle" It helped me realize that we must be living in the moment and to have an eternal perspective always in our focus. I really loved it. . If you haven't read it recently I would suggest reading it again. I drew a picture to go along with it on the board but I can't quite do it justice explaining it so I will just have to show you when I see you. 

Well today is a busy day so I don't have much time to write. I love you all and I'm excited to speak to you on Mothers Day :)  Also Happy Birthday to Matthias on the 10th! Sarah thanks for your letter this past week it was just what I needed. Amanda your children are adorable, mom sent me your blog this week. Mom and Dad thank you for your emails. You never fail to put a smile on my face. Thank you friends for your letters. I love you all very much and I pray for you every day. 

Love, Sister Turner 

05/02/2013 8:27pm

Miss you... hope my letters arrive soon.....


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