Hi Lovely family and friends!

 I got 3 beautiful letters yesterday from Sarah, mom and Suranyi nover! It's great to hear from her, her mission sounds amazing, I can't believe she comes home so soon already! April I think? Anyway thank you for your letters :) I met a return missionary from France yesterday and he said he knows Elder Ioannidis! Apparently EVERY missionary in France knows about Elder Ioannidis and how fantastic he is. You'll have to let Robert and Evelynn know, he had a lot of good things to say about him. 

This morning I was thinking about how fun it will be when mom and dad visit. I love you both so much! It now feels like it's been quite a while since I've seen you! 7 more months and we will be in Salt Lake together. I love being a missionary and part of me wants to be a missionary forever but I'm also really excited to see everyone again! Mom and Dad do you want to go to the Manti pageant while you're here? 

Next time I write you I will know what I'm doing next transfer, who my new companion will be and even if I will still be in Salt Lake! Isn't that crazy! This transfer has gone by so fast! I've been really busy so that is probably why. We have transfer conference on Monday morning and we transfer companions next Wednesday. I think Sister King will go outbound, she's one transfer ahead of me so she only has about 6 months left. 

It's been snowing here! It really feels like Christmas time here. They haven''t turned on the lights yet but they've put them all up including the life size nativity set by the North Visitors Center! It's so beautiful especially all covered in snow. I took some snow pictures but I forgot my camera cord again. Oh guess what! Speaking of Christmas The whole mission gets to go the dress rehearsal for the "Savior of the World" performance! I'm so excited! Also another exciting thing we get to do is that every night after the show 3 companionship's will go and teach people and invite them to learn more or if they have any friends who want to learn more about the church. There are so many amazing opportunities to share the gospel here! I love it!

I forgot to thank you for "inviting us out to dinner:)" Sister King really wants to go to "Wingers" and I remember Ethan talking about it so we will go there after emailing. I'm so hungry thinking about it. I will try to remember to take a picture. We are walking there in the snow so I'm looking forward to it. It's not too fat away, just far enough to get a nice walk in. The snow is kind of melting today but it's really bright and beautiful!

Our investigators are doing so great! Monica has been reading gospel principles along with the Book of Mormon and Enoch has set a firm baptism date with his parents :) We have a couple new investigators who are just great! I'm looking forward to teaching them this coming week. I love studying for others it makes the time I have to study so much more effective. How is the Book of Mormon challenge been going? I have to admit I'm a bit behind. This transfer has been so busy. I need to take more time out of my lunch and dinner breaks to read it. Lately Sister King and I have been listening to John Bytheway when we go home for our meal breaks and it's fun but I need to catch up on the Book of Mormon. Now I've told you and you can follow up with me next week :) 

Oh I think I told you about teaching the mission at the Zone Conference. Well if I didn't tell you about it before Sister King and I taught about how we receive revelation through church attendance to half the mission last week at a meeting. It went really well, but as always with my teaching I always feel I gain more studying about the topic then those who are listening. That is why we always give our investigators commitments and assignments I guess. It went well and to be honest I've never thought about going to church with a specific question or concern before. I always think about that going to the temple to receive revelation, I guess I just never thought about it in a church context before. I love how I learn something new everyday! I want to keep that up through the rest of my life. 

Speaking of the Temple I got to go to Temple Service again! I love the Temple! It is so beautiful! We cleaned the baptistry area. The pioneers are such an amazing example of diligence and hard work and the blessings that come along with that. I have gained a great respect for the pioneers and for what they taught us about sacrifice. 

I bought a new bag last p-day. Sister King helped me pick one out because my old one was very, very ripped, I actually saved the old one from a past companion who was about to throw it away. It kept falling off a random moments so I decided it was time for a new one that would stay on even if it was loaded with books and stuff. We went to Ross which is just like Winners except a little cheaper! You would like it mom, we'll have to go when you come :). I looked for boots but I couldn't find any comfortable ones my size. So far my black boots are fine so I will probably stick with them for the winter unless the rip gets bigger. So far they are keeping my toes nice and warm so I'm happy. 

Thought I'd send you an exert from my letter to president: 
"I've been continuing to work on Charity and Love this transfer and it has been going well. This past week I've been looking for positive things to say about others and it's really made me realize how blessed I am to be surrounded by so many amazing people who are children of a loving Heavenly Father. This coming week I will be looking for opportunities to serve an then acting! We've also committed one of our investigators to do the same thing. I'm looking forward to discussing this together with him next week. 
I continue to learn so much every day and it is a blessing to be serving as a missionary! I want to take every opportunity to fulfill my potential as a missionary and become more like our Savior."

Well my time is up!  I love you all, you continue to be in my prayers and I know Heavenly Father is watching over us all so I don't need to worry. 

Love Sister Turner 


Shirley Burnham
11/24/2012 10:55pm

dear Sister Turner,
we have finished our assignment at the temple and now I am teaching institute and Ron is the high councillor in charge if temple work and family history.
We have a granddaughter who will be 19 in May. She is planning to send in her mission papers in February. This new age will certainly add many more sisters to the field.
it is great to read of your love for the work and your success.


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