Hi family,

 I've discovered I dislike talking about ending my mission. I actually had a nightmare about my visa expiring and having to go home early. It was awful. Not that I don't want to see all of you. I love you so much. It's just hard to think I can never ever come back to what I am doing right now. 

Oh I was going to tell you about the Haunted village we went to! It was so fun and so scary. It wasn't like gross scary because it was at Heritage Park but it was still scary enough to be fun! The person in charge is friends with President Gillette so we got to go for free and then do service a couple days later so that was really nice. I loved the service project as well. It was fairly difficult though because they had us pull re-bar out of very hard ground. We worked at it forever and had got about half of them out when someone who worked there came over to try and when he couldn't do it he have us another assignment :) So we took down the rest of the graveyard. I will send pictures if I can figure out how to send them on this computer. 

Our investigators are doing well. They have their trials but as we continue to have faith in them we see their faith strengthened by their trials. I love them so much! I can't wait to meet them one day. I don't know how possible it will be but there are at least a couple I fully intend on visiting. Enoch will be easy because he lives in Vancouver. 

This was a busy week. We have been making a motivation board for the mission. I don't know if that makes sense but I'll take a picture some time for you. Sister King is an art major so we got to paint a lot. It will help track the referrals, investigators and baptisms. It's hard to explain but it's exciting. When we teach it is so much more then a number, we are bring souls unto Christ. We also have goals to help us stay motivated. It's like a pendulum, on one side you have no goals and no focus and on the other all you care about is numbers. You need to be always in the middle with a perfect balance. 

We have also been busy preparing a lesson for half the mission about the importance of receiving revelation through church attendance both for ourselves as missionaries and for those we are teaching. It's been going well. We are teaching tomorrow and I feel very prepared so I am happy. I love to teach.

Well I love you all soooooooooooooo MUCH!!!!
Love Sister Turner :)

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