Oh how I love you all :)  

GUESS WHAT!!!! I got to do service in the Salt Lake Temple and we got to go to the Assembly Room. I know you probably don't know what that it but it's very special that I got to go because it's a room that only gets used once a year!  I will have to take a picture of the Temple Model so you can see it. It's the very top floor of the Temple and it is the largest room in the Temple, lots of people that see the model think it's a ballroom. It is so, so beautiful! Because it's only used once a year for all the Temple workers we were preparing it by cleaning and moving the chairs! It was so amazing! I wish I could explain it better but it was the best service experience ever! 

This has been another very busy week! I love the work! It's been so great to hear how wonderful Monica and Enoch are both doing! Being able to hear all the amazing changes for the better is so great to hear. It is not about finding more members to join the church it is about helping others receive lasting happiness. Please keep praying for both of them, they each have their individual trials. Although I know they have enough faith to overcome anything, as we trust in God miracles happen each day. Did I tell you I've started teaching someone else from B.C, Victoria actually :) It's been great to call her, she is so sweet! Also Mario is doing well, he just needs to act! He knows everything is true he just has a hard time acting on faith. It is going well though. I love everyone we are teaching so much I wish I could just take my whole email time to tell you about them all! 

My companion is amazing! We have lots of fun (in a good hard working kind of way:). It is so nice to work together for such a good cause! I'm so happy that she lives in Washington (although very close to the Oregon border) so that I will be able to see her after the mission!  

I want to take some time to send you a couple pictures from Conference so I will end this email now. I love you all sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo MUCH!!! Thank you for all your love and support. I know I say that often but I truly mean it, you are all amazing and help me so much! Thank you!

Love Sister Turner 

P.S For Ethan, Matthias, Benjamin, Adelaide, Lyra and Morgan - What are you going to dress up as for Halloween? Will you send me pictures? I love you all very MUCH :)

P.S.S It's supposed to snow on Thursday :o


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