This is my announcing picture - When music and spoken word gets out on Sunday morning the Sisters announce languages and tours. This is my script "Good morning welcome to temple square we would love to show you around and share with you the history and basic believes of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  Please see your missionary after this presentation.
All of us say it in our language and people come up to us for tours.
Family and Friends -Hello!!!!
Wonderful beautiful family! I get to talk to you tomorrow! I can't wait!  Last night I had a dream mom came and gave me a big hug so I must be getting really excited to talk to you :) I was all happy and even more excited to talk to you when I woke up!
Matthias had a birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MATTHIAS! I love you so much! I hope you got my card Oh my goodness the pictures of Adelaide and Benjamin are so precious! AH THEY ARE SO CUTE! Thanks so much for sending them to me!
So on Monday morning Sister Pickrel and I decided that we were going to put on an FHE for our lovely room mates. Twice a week we are allowed to have 8pm dinner so that means that we go home at 8pm instead of 9pm and instead of taking a dinner for an hour like from 6-7 we just go home at 8 and stay home for the night. We planned a David and Goliath themed FHE. So our lesson was about facing adversity with faith. It was so fun. Sister Kyle and Sister Jardine were so excited! We sang a hymn together, had a lesson and then played pin the rock on Goliath - during the day we had printed off the Goliath picture. And I made banana muffin cupcakes (like you can see in the picture).
It was so fun I love my companion and our room mates so much! 
Oh and guest service is still going really well. As summer gets closer it's getting busier and busier with scheduling tours and motor coaches. I like it although sometimes it's hard to find time to teach. We still have square time and so we contact wonderful people that want to learn more but it's hard to find the time to call them and teach them. Sam is doing really well though (from England) His sister is getting baptized TODAY! I wish we could go but London is a little far out of mission boundaries :) We are going to another baptism tonight though. I love going to baptisms :) She is someone that Sister Pickrel and her last companion had taken on an Elders tour (when the Elders or Sisters from the Salt Lake City mission bring their investigators to tour temple square a sister will take them around and give them a tour. The lady getting baptized is originally from Croatia and it made me think of Lindsey -how is she? Do you have her address? I would love to write her.
I'm so excited to talk to you tomorrow I have more to say but I want to have things to say tomorrow.
Oh we had a mission meeting the other day and we watched a devotion from the MTC- which is amazing because usually those devotionals never leave the MTC. It was a talk given by Elder Holland and it was so powerful and wonderful. It really made me just want to work as hard as I can my whole mission. Forget yourself and go to work - is definitely one of my favorite quotes of all time. I love President Hinckley. The talk that we watched was all about how we are like the disciples that left their nets to follow the Savior. All of us have our own nets wether they be - missing friends or family, fear of talking, fear of not knowing enough, etc and that we need to just leave those behind and follow the Savior. I am so happy all the time it took me a while to think of a net to cast. I think it would probably be that sometimes I just feel I need to answer every single question people have and that I feel inadequate sometimes because I don't. Listening to that talk really was helpful this week because it woke me up and reminded me that I will NEVER know everything but that if I try my very BEST and be obedient the Savior and his teachings wil help me be the best missionary I can be. I loved the reminder because I know how important it is to rely on the Spirit and to rely on the Savior but if we are going to do that we need to remember that we first need to do our very best at what ever it is we are called to do. We will never know everything but we know enough because we know who Jesus Christ is and what God's plan is for us. The plan of Happiness :)
 Everyone  who writes me, thank you so so much! I love hearing from you!
I love you all so much
Sister Turner
Mary's Note: If you want to drop off a parcel for Sister Turner at Temple Square the sisters are unable to take it.  All parcels must go through the mail system. 

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