oohhhh hellllllllllllloooooo My LOVELY family and friends !!!!! :)
How are you all?
I am doing fantastic! I am so incredibly tired but incredibly tired in the Lord so it feels awesome! We work hard and we see the miracles that come through our diligence and faith. Obedience=Faith=Blessings! I love the work!

So this week has been good. It's fun because right before email we always talk to Enoch and it's exciting to see him doing so well so I love writing about it. He went to sacrament meeting in Langley on Sunday and he said that it felt so good to be on the Temple grounds! The YSA in Vancouver are amazing! He tells us how nice and welcoming they all are. It makes me happy to see them fellowship him so great! Sister Creal said she's never heard of such an amazing YSA group! YAY Canada! He is waiting for his parents to come home vacation so that he can be baptized. 

 I LOVE GETTING LETTERS!!!!!  Thank you for your nice letters and support, I love you all soooooooooooooo MUCH!  

Conference is coming up soon! Less then a month!!! YAY!!!! I love conference!! 

We have a super fun Zone Activity planned today! It's like all day so I may not be able to write letters or clean very much but it's okay, I'll make up for it next week and clean when I get home at night. We are going to President Harmons house! He is in the mission presidency and he is super nice and super funny! We are going to his home in Park City and are going on a hike and eating good BBQ food! I'm so excited! This is seriously the BEST mission in the world! 

So the Beehive house is going well! We took the cutest family through the other night they had a 4 children ages 1, 4, 7 and 10 and they were all sooooooooooo CUTE! I love being able to teach the gospel to not only those who know nothing about the church but also to less active members and members. It is a wonderful opportunity to see REAL growth in the church! It's something that the mission is really wanting to focus on, not just baptizing but helping all to come to really know the truthfulness and then sticking to the commandments.

I think I mentioned last week about how I was studying the natural man. So during my journal writing the other night I thought of something else I wanted to share. I was thinking about how our agency (2Nephi 2) really reflects the long term outcome we have. When we make even the teeniest tiniest choices they effect us all the way through out not only our lives here on earth but for eternity. I have always known that but it really stuck as I was thinking about it this week. We need to first and foremost choose to be happy and have a positive outlook on life. We need to evaluate past experiences and, instead of dwelling on what we wish we had done differently and getting caught up in frustration, we look at the good we have done and then figure our how we can improve tomorrow. As we take it one step at a time we will be able to see so much improvement in our lives and in the lives of others. It is easy to say I'm not good enough, I can't do anything right, it is harder to see the divine potential our Heavenly Father sees but it is so much more worth it in the eternal perspective. Do the hard thing and the great thing will come because of it. I hope this makes sense. I was never really able to grasp it until I really started to ponder, study and pray about it. If you are confused I suggest you try the same! I love the gospel!

So this week in District meeting I was able to teaching about effective ways to study and I was able to share a pattern that they can take with them throughout their entire lives. I love morning study! It is amazing the Spirit it brings as we put the Lord first! The mission presidency is worried that when we return home we will stop the good habits we have learned on our missions because we simply won't have anyone to study for anymore so they came up with a plan we can implement into our own lives. I want to share it with you so that you can also come to enjoy the same Spirit that comes through diligenice and putting the Lord first. 

The night before take the time to think and ponder about those around you (in my case it is those I am teaching, however when I go home maybe it will be a friend that is going through a difficult time or a family member who has a question). As we study for others our own testimony will grow and increase. For example maybe I know someone who is struggling to decide what school they should go to and don't know where to go to study. In that case I would study about faith to receive answers to prays and be able to maybe share a scripture they needed to hear when I spoke with them the next day and be able to encourage them to pray about it. Do you think my own faith would be strengthened as I took the time to study about how God answers our prayers? That was a rhetorical question, of course it would! 
Then after you have a person in mind you might wonder, well where to we begin! Preach My Gospel of course! Preach my gospel is the guide to sooo many scriptures and wonderful resources. If we for example study the apostasy we will be lead to also study The Book of Mormon, The Bible, Jesus The Christ, True to the Faith, etc. For the mission this is where we start. When I go home I will also start with Preach my Gospel but also go on to find other resources online or other resources I have. Always starting with Preach My Gospel. 
So you can see that wonderful plan has given us the Who, What, Where
Who - friend (you will also be strengthened)
What - think of a concern they have and then plan to study you think could help them
Where - Preach my Gospel which will lead you to other study guides.
Isn't it excellent! Please don't think this replaces daily scripture reading. Reading the Book of Mormon and other scriptures is an important way we invite the Spirit into our lives.
As with my district I would like to commit you to try this way of studying. I know that as you do so your own testimony will be strengthened and you will bless the lives of those around you. You don't need to sit your friend down and teach them a lesson, but you know that you are well prepared if they come to you with a concern. The Lord puts prepared people in the way of His prepared servants. Will you take the time to try to study this way this week?
My time is up I love you all and you are all amazing!
Love Sister Turner 

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