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This week went by SOOOOOOOOO fast I feel like I was just writing to you and here I am again already. I love the mission!

9 day's till general conference!!!!!! YAY! Can I give you all a challenge! Will you think of someone you know and want to share the gospel with during this general conference? As missionaries on Temple Square we have the unique opportunity to call people all over the world and invite them to learn more about God and how living his teachings will bless their lives as individuals and families. I love General Conference on Temple Square. Our main goal is to uplift and strengthen the members and help them with their missionary efforts. We had over 7,000 member referrals last Conference and I don't know how many baptisms came from that but there has been about 100 baptisms every 6 weeks in the mission. Elder Holland was right, this really was the BEST summer on Temple Sqaure!
Come to think of it I don't know if I've ever explained how member referrals work on Temple Square. It all starts with the member, we love, serve and teach. I love talking to members and it makes me want to become a better member missionary when I go home. I love hearing their experiences how sharing the gospel has blessed their life and the lives of those they love. I learn so much from those I talk to. Being a representative of Jesus Christ is a wonderful blessing which I will continue to do throughout the rest of my life and not just as a missionary with a name tag on. I'm so grateful that I came on my mission so that I could learn this important lesson. After discussing the gospel we always ask the member who they know whom we can call and teach on their behalf. It is amazing the miracles that come through asking that simple question. Let me share with you an experience that happened a couple weeks ago.
I was talking to a recent convert, Ashley and asking about her conversion experience. She shared with me how much the gospel has blessed her life and how much at peace she felt know who God was and what her purpose was in life. I also like to take the time to think about all the ways the gospel has blessed my life, I think about how truly happy I am, I can't imagine where I would be without the gospel. Anyway as I was talking to her I asked her about how her family reacted to her joining the church. She said that they were nice about it but not really interested. I asked her who she knew whom I could call. She gave me her mom's phone number. When I called her mom, Alice, I explained that her daughter was so happy and wanted to share this happiness with her. She was very grateful I called. As I began to teach her and explain why Ashley was so happy her mom's heart was softened and she agreed to meet with the local missionaries and get a Book of Mormon. She wants to know for herself how she can find this happiness.
I love that story because we see miracles like that every day on the Square. It all begins with asking - who do you know who we could call for you and help you with your missionary efforts. Oh I forgot to say how happy Ashley was when we told her that her mom had a desire to learn more. She was very surprised but also very happy. What a blessing it is to be able to help so many people from all over the world come closer to Christ.
One of the greatest blessings is that I know it's not me teaching them but that it is the Holy Ghost testifying to the hearts of those I talk to that this message it true. I wouldn't be able to teach without the guidance of the Spirit and I am so grateful for a loving Heavenly Father who loves his children so much that he guides us to know what to say. Alma 26:12
People don't always accept missionaries or to get a copy of the Book of Mormon but by us calling we are, (as Alma says in Alma 32) planting a seed in their heart so that they may one day come to a knowledge of a loving Heavenly Father and the priesthood authority has once again be established to the earth! We are so blessed to live in the fullness of times!
After hearing these things who do you know that we can call for you? Please pray about these things and take the time during conference to think about who is so dear to you that you want to share this with them.
Now you know a little bit more about what I do as a missionary!
Oh I almost forgot to tell you! I got to watch the Brigham City Temple dedication! It was so lovely. It was too far for us to go so they set a projector up underneath the tabernacle (it's so cool there is a whole other world down there that connects to the tunnels and where the choir practices). Anyway they set up a projector in one of the rooms there and we got to go and participate in the Temple dedication. President Packer gave a wonderful talk about the blessings that come through trials. He told a story about how when his little son was born they didn't think he would live. He accounted how hard that was for him and how he felt like he wished that he could die instead of his son. He said that was the time when he really truly had to learn to rely on Heavenly Father and that is when he learned the value of trials. He said that brought him so much closer to his loving Heavenly Father and his family. His son ended up being fine and all was well and President Packer said he was so grateful for that experience he had that brought his little family closer together as they all relied on God together. He is so grateful fo the Temple and how it unites the family so that they know they can be together forever through the priesthood power that has been restored. I liked his message about how important our trials are. I wish you could have watched it. It was beautiful. It was also really neat because he spoke in a very personal way, at conference they are often very formal but I really liked the way President Packer spoke.
Ahhh I always run out of time.

Okay now I really need to go. Thank you for all the letters this week :) I love hearing from you and how you are doing!

Sister Turner

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