Another week has flown by!! Oh my goodness it went by fast, I'm soooooooooooo busy but I LOVE it!

Nathan it was great to see you yesterday! If only for a minute. Literally the only spare time I have these days are seconds or minutes, which is awesome! Also thanks for the picture, not many people get a picture with their any family members during their mission! So it was good.

So as I said we've been really busy which was so great! I held my first District meeting on Monday and it went really well :) I taught about the importance of Christlike attributes and how we need to put off the natural man and become for like Christ for him to be able to bless us. It went really well and we all felt the Spirit. Every week I also meet with each of the sisters in the district (3 companionships) and I learn so much from them as they share their experiences and ask for help. I love being able to support and help them in anyway I can. They are so great. Sister Creal is also great and very supportive. She is a fantastic missionary and works hard. We have also been busy with the sacrament meeting coordinating and that is going really well. We love picking topics and assigning the talks to various sisters. We get to talk with President Seppi (counselor in the mission presidency) and he is so great and very helpful. I loved being able to serve the Sisters in Guest Services and I love being able to also serve them in this way. This mission is the best!

We talked to Enoch from BC again today! He is so great. He wants to be baptized but his parents are a little worried he is going into it so fast. He set up a time to talk to the missionaries and his parents together, the problem is his parents speak Cantonese and the missionaries don't. I guess they found a member to translate though. Keep him in your prayers that he will able to be baptized and that his parents will also have a desire to learn more.

Teaching in the Beehive house is going really well. It is very easy to fall into a routine and Sister Creal and I have been really focusing on being unique and bridging to the gospel. When we go through the same rooms each time with the same artifacts in each room it's easy to fall into being more of a tour guide then a missionary. We have a lot of goals this week to help us focus on being missionaries and sharing the gospel. We have already had a lot of miracles in the Beehive house and I'm sure we will continue to see many as we work hard.

Temple Square is amazing! When Elder Holland came he promised us this would be the best summer ever on Temple Square and it has! Over 90 baptisms every month! 8,000 youth have come for youth 

conferences and over 10,000 people coming on buses and that doesn't count those who come on the language buses (for example Mandarin motorcoaches). And when I was in Guest Services there would be at least 5 motorcoaches coming everyday with at least 50 people on each buss! And just this week Sister Creal and I taught over 100 guests and over 50 members! We are teaching the world!

This transfer I really want to focus on becoming more like Christ. As I was studying for the District meeting it helped me realize just how important it is that we constantly put aside our own wants and align ourselves with what the Savior knows we need to do and what our potentials really are. When we strive to become more like the Savior our will becomes His will, we don't fight or struggle but constantly move forward with peace. Alma 42:11 talks about the natural man and how we are all born that way, it goes on to say that when we try to align ourselves with the nature of God we will also be aligning ourselves with the nature of happiness. Sarah sent me a letter recently about this and I found it really helpful as I was preparing this lesson. Thank you Sarah!

There are so many ways I need to improve but I know that if I take it one step at a time I will be happy. God gives us commandments to bless us. Every blessing is predicated upon the commandment it is associated with. When we live as God has asked we will be happy, when we don't we won't be, it is very simple. That is why every commandment God gives us should be treated as something precious and not to be taken lightly.

So as you can see I've been learning a lot this week!

I'm so happy that everyone is doing well and is happy and resting!  We have a busy day today but I will find time to write back. Mom the pictures you sent of Morgan James are SOOOOOO cute! He is just so perfect! And I know I said this before but he looks so much like Lyra! Also I like the picture of Adelaide looking at herself! She is so cute :)
Well I should go, I'm so happy you are all happy, healthy and well. You will continue to always be in my prayers!

Love Sister Turner

P.S I still love getting mail - just putting that out there ;) 


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