Hello friends and family! 

My family is all together this week - How wonderful, what a wonderful blessing to be all together! We have such an amazing family! 
Also I wrote this in my letter to you last week mom but thank you so much for 'taking' Sister Jung and I out to dinner for Easter! We are really excited and are going to go next P-DAY! We aren't sure where we are going but we think we want to go to a Brazilian place at the gateway- we want to eat MEAT. haha She was so excited when I told her you want to take us out again! I was really excited too :) thank you! 

CONFERENCE WAS AMAZING!!!!!! Oh my goodness it was so wonderful! So many wonderful members of the church came to Temple Square this past weekend :) I love how happy everyone was! Especially after coming out of the conference centre they were all just glowing! We had a VERY high goal as a mission for member referrals and we worked REALLY hard. Through sunburns on Saturday to snow and freezing rain on Sunday. It was the best hard work I have ever experienced. We worked from 7:30am to 9:50pm with two 20 minute breaks to eat. Yet it was wonderful! I love conference. I'm happy that I worked at Tristan before I came on my mission so that I knew what it was like to work really long days (when I think about my life before my mission I realize just how many experiences were preparing me to serve on Temple Square). We got to talk to so many wonderful people. I talked to lots of people from Canada and I saw a bunch of people from the Langley YSA. It was nice to see them :) Oh and we reached our mission goal!!!!  The whole mission got together for the announcement of it and it was amazing!  What I blessing! We prayed so much this weekend :) It made me try really hard to think of more people that I know that I want to refer to have the wonderful sisters on Temple Square call. All day long I talked to members and told them how important it was to share the gospel with their friends and family and  read them scriptures on why it was so important. Then on Sunday morning I thought to myself I need to do this too. After I decided who I wanted to share the gospel with it really helped me connect more with members and receive way more referrals, I understood that it can be scary but that it is too important not to do. And it's just a phone call a way that these wonderful children of God can have their agency increased as they hear more about the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. We need to share what we know it is the most important thing we can share. It is called the plan of happiness because it is a way in which Gods children can experience the pure joy that comes from living the Gospel. I'm so blessed to know that this church is true. I share this with people that I don't know everyday. It is so important that I share this with family and friends that I already know as well.  So all and all it was an amazing weekend! I went to the Saturday morning session of Conference and it was wonderful- I loved how much they talked about missionary work! Or maybe that's just what I heard :) Henry B. Eyrings talk was amazing. I love how he talks with so much emotion. It was great! I loved being in the conference centre with 21,000 members of the church all singing "How Firm a Foundation" together. It is so true the gospel is our foundation and when we build upon the rock the steadfastness of Christ we will be blessed and our burdens will be made lighter. We will still have burdens but the Lord will be there to help us as we strive to overcome, when we give it our all he will do the rest.

I love being a missionary!!!! I am learning so much! So much more than I ever thought I could learn. I knew I would learn a lot about gospel principles and that I would come to know the Savior better but I don't think I realized how much I would learn about becoming a better friend, sister, daughter and one day wife, mother and grandmother. I'm so happy that I took this time to serve and I'm excited for the next 15 months! I can't believe it's been 3 months already! I'm so happy to be a part of this great work. It is hard work but the best kind of hard because through trials I know that I am learning. And I know that if I keep having the same trial I'm not learning and it makes me realize what I really need to work on. I love seeing the results of my hard work. The lord truly does bless us as we put in the effort!

HAPPY EASTER!!!! Remember to eat lots of chocolate for me :) and to take the time to remember what Easter is about. The Savior and the atonement are the reason we are able to be blessed with so much happiness and joy. He is our older brother and he loves us more than I can comprehend I encourage you to remember him and what he has done for us. I know that he lives and loves us, when times are hard it is him who lifts us up and gives us the strength we need to continue onward. 

Thank you for teaching me these things.

Love Sister Turner :)

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