Happy Easter!
Thank you for the fabulous Easter feast! Sister Jung and I went to Taconos-I think that is how it is spelled (Sarah might know what it is) and we ate and ate and ate. It's a brazilian grill and it was so good! I ate so much that I'm in a little bit of a food coma right now so this email may not be as excited as they usually are, but at least you know I'm happy and full. It was a really neat restaurant, they had a huge salad bar and then the servers come around with all different kinds of meats and slice little bits off for you to try, it was so good and we ate A LOT! Thanks again and a big thank you from Sister Jung as well to Sister Mary :)
 Oh and yes all missionaries were asked to write their testimony on the mormon.org/facebook site. We didn't actually go on facebook it was connected with mormon.org it did take me like 100 tries to remember my password though, haha.
I'm happy you are listening to conference. I finally got to read part of it and I LOVED President Uchdorfs talk from Sunday morning with the two word parable 'stop it' SO GOOD! I'm excited to be able to read more of conference.
Oh guess what, I went to Music and Spoken Word on Easter and it was so nice and the prophet came too! We get to go to Music and Spoken Word once every transfer so Sister Jung and I decided to go on Easter and it was so great!
 I will tell you a story - it was really funny in the moment so I will do my best to explain it in such a way that you will find it funny as well. So yesterday Sister Jung and I had planned to contact people over at the Navoo bell (which rings every hour on the hour to celebrate religious freedom) Anyway there wasn't anyone over there so we decided to stop for a moment to enjoy the beautiful flowers. We were so happy looking at all the pretty flowers and completely in our own little world so it completely took us off guard when the bell chimbed SO loud RIGHT behind us, it surprised us so much that we both jumped so high. Just then a couple rounded the corner laughing so hard at what they just witnessed :) Ah I'm happy that my embarrassing moments can make others so happy. We laughed together and it actually turned into a great way to begin a conversation.
I love being able to talk to so many people every day. They come from all over the world and it's great to meet so many amazing people. I love bearing my testimony to them and sharing with them all the ways the church can bless their lives. When people come to the square and we take them around we call it 'tours' but in reality it is lessons because everything on Temple Square can relate to a gospel principle for teaching. I love how there is always someone to talk to. If ever I am feeling at all down for any reason I know that if I am able to talk to someone and bear my testimony to them I always become so happy. The Lord truly does bless us when we put in our all. I'm so grateful that I'm able to do what I do each and every day.
Getting mail as a missionary is so exciting! I just have to tell you it is so nice to recieve mail, thank you everyone - family and friends for your wonderful letters of encouragement and love.
All right time's UP!
 Sister Turner

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