Hello family and friends :)
Thanks for your letters! I love hearing from you :)
 It sounds like you are all doing great which is wonderful :) 
This week was so great! We had a Zone conference yesterday that was amazing! I loved it! We went to Presidents house from about 9am-2pm and learned all about how we can become better missionaries and just better people in general. I LOVE THIS MISSION!!!! President and Sister Gillettes house is so cool! In the room for the grandchildren to play in there is a attic and a fire pole to slide down! They have traveled ALL over the world so they have so much stuff- it was like a museum. Anyway when we got there Pres Gillette spoke to us about how we need to 'take the long view' and that the friends (investigators) we teach need to be viewed as friends and not just another baptismal statistic. Also not to be afraid but to have the faith to see miracles- It was soooo Good. Sister Gillette also talked to us, she is so sweet, every time I see her I just want to hug her. Anyway she likes acronyms so she told us the story about Noah (the ark) and how like him we need to have great Fatih, Endure to the end (no matter how long that feels sometimes) and to be Willing to follow the Lord- which is a FEW good things that we need to do. She also has a saying that she likes to mention whenever she talks that I love and it is that -We need to do good and be good ALWAYS- I love her. 
The assistants also spoke to us and told us ways that we can become better missionaries through obedience. 
We then had lunch (provided by the local relief society) which was so yummy and so nice of them, we sat outside and it was SOOO nice to sit on the grass and eat, haha the things that are exciting as a missionary :) After lunch Elder and Sister Palmer spoke to us, they are a senior couple that serve here on Temple Square. They are amazing their talk was so good- they talked all about how we really need to rely on the spirit but also increase our spiritual knowledge every day so that we can draw from that at a time of need. They also gave us ideas of how we can ask questions that will make those we meet, either on the square or on motors, really think about a response. It was so helpful and so good. Elder and Sister Moore also talked to us and they spoke about the importance of faith as well as the importance of working in unity. They are so sweet! Oh I have to tell you something really cool that Elder Palmer said. He said that when he went on his mission he got to go to the upper room of the Salt Lake Temple - The huge assembly room where the prophets and apostles meet. Anyway he was there with President Harold B. Lee and President Lee told him and the missionaries that were with him that mission calls are truly an inspired call and that when we are called on missions angels on the other side are also called to assist us! Isn't that so neat! I had never thought about it that way before and I thought it was so neat to hear! I have angels that were specificly called to help me with this great work!
I have met some wonderful new friends that I have been able to teach this week. It is such a blessing to serve here to be able to meet so many prepared people everyday. I love getting inbound calls as well. Hand out the free Book of Mormon and free Bible cards, even when someone may not seem interested at the time you never know when someone will change their mind and desire to learn more. I talked to a really nice man today who had gotten a card in passing from a missionary and he had never thought to call but he recently lost his job and is having a really hard time so he picked up the card to look at the picture of Christ and decided to call. I was able to teach him a little bit about the Book of Mormon and how the church can bless his life, he agreed to meet with missionaries and he wants to learn more over the phone as well. We never know when someone is going to be ready but we know that Heavenly Father is preparing people all the time. I'm so grateful that those missionaries gave him the card even though they didn't have time to teach. They will probably won't know the outcome until the eternities but because they invited him his life can be changed for the better. He can know his Savior better and that he has a Heavenly Father who loves him. I love the GOSPEL!!
Temple Square is so amazing. I get to teach so many lessons all day. And even when people don't refer to learn more I can know I did my best in helping the Lord in his work of preparing His children to accept the gospel in their lives. It brings be great peace to remember this and I have confidence that a lot of those wtih whom I come in contact with will one day accept this message and receive the same happiness and peace that I feel everyday as I rely on the atonement. 
I love the Temple too! Sister Jung and I went this morning and it was so nice. The temple is beautiful and it amazes me the amount of faith the pioneers must have had to build something so beautiful when they themselves had nearly nothing. I'm so grateful for their example and that I can serve on Temple Square so that I can be reminded of that daily.
Family I love you so much! Mom and Dad I will write you better individual responses to your letters when I get home today. I think we are going to go to the High School where High School Musical was filmed today. But after that I will have time to write letters. 
Dear friends thank you for all your letters kind words and encouragement, I love hearing from all of you!!
Until next week :) Love you all.
Sister Turner
P.S it's transfer week again ALREADY next week. So I will probably have a new companion and P-Day next week.

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