Hello Family and Friends!!!!
Sooooo transfer conference was on Monday and I will have a new companion come tomorrow! Her name is Sister Pickrel, she is from the US, I'm not sure where, but I know she is super nice and really nice to everyone. I don't know her that well but everyone who I tell I'm going to be companions with her gets really happy for me and tells me she is so nice. I will miss Sister Jung but I'm excited to for the change so that I can learn and grow even more.
 Also I'm going to be going into Guest Services so I will be busy, busy, busy. I will be on the Square, teaching on the phone as well as answering the phone to organize tours and do office work for the mission. I'm looking forward to the challenge. Before I was in a zone called North 3 which meant the my day would be divided between The Square and Motors (teaching over the phone and chat) but now I will be in the zone called extended which means I have another assignment as well - that being Guest Services. I don't know too much about it but I have TWO P-DAYS this week (only this week, because of transfers):) yes I am excited and the other one is on Saturday so I will be able to tell you more then.
I'm really grateful to be in this mission, the experiences I will have serving here will be different then any other mission in the world.I was a little nervous for the transfers but the night before I just prayed that and told Heavenly Father that I knew he knows me and to please help me accept any changes that were coming to me. I was greatly blessed and have felt very sure that it was Heavenly Father and no one else that has called me to this change, I am very excited. I know that Sister Pickrel will be a great companion and be able to help all those whom I am teaching progress in the Gospel. Even though I will probably be a lot more busy I know the Lord trusts me with this challenge.
Sister Jung's new zone is the Beehive house and her new companion is from Brazil. I only moved about 7 doors down from her so we will still see each other often :) I have learnt a lot while serving with her and I'm grateful that I had the opportunity to serve with her and get to know her better. We will be close friends forever, even though she is all the way in Korea. It is a wonderful excuse to travel :) She goes home in Oct and is thinking about going to Hawaii for school so that would be great if that happens because then I could visit Sister Wong and her at the same time!
Oh I almost forgot to tell you. My new roommates are both from Canada! So there will be three Canadians all in one apartment :) One of them is Sister Kyle who I was facebook friends with before my mission. She is so much fun and her new companion is really nice too. I'm excited for that. We already have Canadian flags on the living room wall.
This week was so great. Really busy but great. On Saturday I had my first training experience. Every Saturday before the MTC sisters come they come to Temple Square for about 5 hours and learn what it is going to be like. So I was able to train Sister Brown (She is actually going to the DC visitors centre but she was in the class with the Temple Square sisters because it's practically the same thing in DC) She was so nice and it was a great opportunity to realize how much I have actually learned over the past few months. We were able to teach quite a few people together on the square and she is already a great missionary. I will send you a picture of her. She was so sweet.
I'm giving a talk on Sunday! At temple square we have the opportunity to go to wards near the square and speak. I'm excited I will be talking about strengthening family relationships. I was asked to go with my new companion and another companionship and also prepare a musical number. It will be so nice to go.
I'm loving my mission. I want to send you some pictures and maybe some videos if I can get them to work so I will end now but you will hear from me again on Saturday!
Lots of Love
Sister Turner

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