:)I was so excited to see all!!! my letters. Mom I'm eating healthy - I ate sushi made with brown rice, cucumbers, peppers and chicken for lunch so I'm eating healthy. I eat a lot of fruit and vegetables. Sometimes when sisters are snacking it makes me want to snack but I'll just eat an apple or something instead or WONDERFUL trail-mix I got in the package you and Sarah sent!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! 
I was so excited!!! I love what you picked out!! SO good :) My companion and room mates are really excited about the C.Ds, oh and I am too of course. Also I love the arm warmers. They are so pretty! Ah just everything was so good. The hair pins are so pretty :) How did you know that I really wanted more hair accessories.  You know what I love to eat and it makes me so happy that you send me such wonderful things. I'm super excited to try those beans, only 15 minutes to cook!!! YAY. I LOVED GETTING IT :) And Sarah I'm happy you didn't put a hot-dog in it but that's so cute that Benjamin wanted to send one ;) I sort mail now so I get to see everyone's mail and I get extra excited to get mine. 
Guest Services is going really well! I AM SO BUSY! Wow it's crazy. I'm in there for 6 hours a day 3 hours of Square and 3 hours of phone/online teaching. It is very different from what I have been doing but it is really good and a great opportunity to serve the Sisters. I talk to lots of Elders and Sisters who call in for tours for their investigators and lots of people who call in to tour Temple Square. AND Elder Hinckley, yes that is President Hinckley's son. So neat, he is so nice. He is in charge of VIP tours (when someone of high rank (usually from another Country) comes to tour Temple Square. I love scheduling those tours :) And the Salt Lake City Elders, and sometimes Sisters, have been calling a lot because the mission is changing a little, they are trying to help the SLC missionaries more. So when an Elder or Sister from the mission has an investigator they call and schedule a tour and their is a list of questions I have to go through with them. Then I assign the Temple Square sisters who I feel inspired to give the tour to. I pray for every single tour. I really do like how busy I am. It feels quite different from what I have been doing and I am a little sad I don't get to teach as much but I am happy that for these 6 weeks I will be able to help out the Sisters and it has been a good experience. And because I talk to the Sisters on the phone all the time I feel like I am really getting to know them better. Also because I am serving them I feel like I am able to love them more, even if I don't know them that well.  More importantly I know that this is where Heavenly Father wants me to be. 
Sister Pickrel is amazing! She is so goofy and so much fun. I think guest services would be harder if it wasn't for her. Oh my gosh she is so funny I love her. She is taller then me too!!! Haha. Ah she is so nice and loves all the sisters so much, and she knows all of their names!! 200 Sisters, that should be one of my goals this transfer, to stop cheating with the name tags and remember.  We will have fun this transfer. My roommates are also very lovely and we have been having a good time together. I guess the time that we have ( about 1 hour at night) but it's so good. Like I said I'm very busy but loving it. 
I went to a baptism today! It was a Sisters tour that Sister Jung and I took ( A sisters tour is what I explained above, how when the SLC missionaries have investigators they can bring them to Temple Square and we do a tour or in other words a walking lesson and help them feel the Spirit and build their testimony). Her name is Sara and she is a single mom and has two children age 7 and 3. It was so nice to go to a baptism. She asked me to give the Holy Ghost talk and it was a really great experience. I'm so excited for her and for her decision to be baptized. It will bless, not only her life but her children as well. 
 I'm giving a talk at another ward on Sunday and we are singing as well. I'm excited about it. The Sisters that Sister Pickrel and I are going with are Sister Oh (from Korea) and Sister Larsen. Because Sister Oh is from Korea we are going to sing the chorus in Korean :) I love Korean! We are singing families can be together forever. 
Can you pray for Mario. He is one of my investigators and he really wants to be baptized but he has some difficult decisions to make and I really want to do everything I can to help him. 
I love this mission!!! It is so wonderful! I'm so happy and so busy! Thank you so much for all your love and support and everything that you do for me. Your encouragement through email or mail always strengthens me and helps me to be so happy. 
Mom I'm excited that you are giving a talk on Mothers day. I wish I could hear it. Can you email me a copy? I always feel the Spirit when you teach and talk. I was recently reading about the Holy Ghost and studying about how when we teach with the Holy Ghost the Holy Ghost testifies to the listener what we are teaching is true. It talks about this in Doctrine and Covenants 50:22. Really good scripture. 
Any ideas for a really short exercise/ stretch to do while I am in guest services to help my back? 
Oh yes the shoes I got at DI are very new. That is why I bought them. I remember your shoes that were from the DI and how long they lasted. We went to a DI that was in rich part of Salt Lake so the clothes were nice and new. The skirt I am wearing in the picture I sent last week is from the DI, the one with the orange shirt and belt. 
 Well my time is up. I love you so very much. Thank you for being so wonderful. I am so blessed and so happy and just full of love to all of you. 
I'm looking forward to mothers day!
:)Love Sister Turner xoxoxoxoxoxo

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