Hello family and friends!
First of all I LOVE THE VIDEOS!!! Oh my goodness I am the luckiest Aunt in the world I have the cutest Nieces and Nephews!!!! I love the pictures you sent of Lyra too she is so much bigger and so adorable! I can't believe Adelaide is so big, I love her little smile and rosey cheeks :) Benjamin IS SO CUTE! Ah I just want to hug him.
Thank you mom and dad for the emails!!! I'm so excited to read them and then write you letters back today! And I'm excited to talk to you next Sunday! Also thank you for the letter Nathan, it may take me a few weeks to respond to the questions but I was super excited to get the letter, sometimes I'm not sure what to write about so the questions are great!
I got my passport, all is well with that. So happy it's finished!
Guess who I passed on the cross-walk this morning! L.Tom. Perry :) He was so nice, he smiled and said Good Morning :) Sister Pickrel was extremely excited! That was the first General Authority she as seen on her mission. It was a nice start to the day. 
Speaking of Sister Pickrel oh my gosh we have way to much fun together :) She is so goofy and funny! Ah I love her. I also love my room mates, ahh they are so funny too and we all get along really well. The other night I made a chocolate zucchini cake and we made up funny stories. When we work, we work hard and when we have moments to relax we have so much fun! I love it! It's so nice to have time to laugh.
I have a Guest Services miracle to tell you! So someone called into Guest Services from England to ask questions about tours in July. So I answered the questions and then asked him what interests him in Temple Square, turns out he has been looking into the church and really likes what he reads. So I started teaching him and he said he wants to learn more over the phone!!! YAY! So Sister Pickrel and I called him two days ago and taught him again, oh my goodness he is so prepared to be baptized! So this is what he said at the end of the conversation, in his British accent "If or when I find out this (the church) is true, well I'd say it would be more precious then gold". THAN GOLD!!! He asks the best questions and really knows what he needs to, to be baptized. He said that he has read a lot, including Anti and he said that he had a few random questions but then said he realized that if he were to find out the Book of Mormon is true nothing else will matter because that would make Joseph Smith and prophet and so on. Exactly what we know to be true! The Book of Mormon is the keystone to our religion! He is going to church this Sunday and we are teaching him again on Sunday! I'm so excited he is such a miracle! The Spirit was so strong in the lesson and it was just so good. Oh something else funny about him is he said he had been to church once before and apparently everyone was really, SUPER nice I qoute "So everyone was just coming up to me with huge smiles and saying welcome, welcome, I mean it was nice but a little scary everyone jumping up and shaking my hand- I mean my hand was hurting afterward." haha ah so much fun. I love teaching so much!
On another note everyone else we are teaching are doing really well. There was a while there where it was really hard to get people to answer their phones but now we've been blessed and people are answering the phone. I love teaching so MUCH! After a lesson when the Spirit was present it really is the happiest feeling I've ever experienced. The church is true and the Spirit is real and will testify to the hearts of others as you bare your testimony.
Oh to answer your question mom, my talk went really well. And the song too. There was a girl from Korea there so it was so great that we had planed to sing part of the song in Korean, She was crying the whole time and so were a lot of the congregation and so I knew they felt the Spirit and that makes me happy. I love being able to share my testimony, either by my own words or by song.
AH Elder Caldwell and Leavitt came to see me and I missed them!!!! I was so disappointed!!! I was in Guest Services at the time and so when I came back to the Square the Sisters told me they were here and left a little note for me, we aren't aloud to say where the Sisters are and so apparently they looked for me for a while. I felt so bad I wanted to see them! Can you FB them and tell them I'm sorry I missed them and thank you for trying to find me.
So I know I should know this but when is your Anniversary mom and dad? I know it's it May so HAPPY ANNIVERSARY in case it's soon, I don't want to miss it! I'm so happy that you are both my parents :) You are so wonderful and lovely and I know I am so blessed to have been able to be raised by you. I often take people through a presentation called "God's Plan" It's a 15 minute presentation that talks about all the blessings that we recieve in our lives by knowing that our family can be together forever. At the end of ther presentation we bare our testimonies and I often say how grateful I am that my parents chose to accept the gospel so that I could have such excellent examples and be able to know that my family will be together forever. I love you both so much!I LOVE my whole family so much! You truly are amazing! I'm so grateful for each of you.
So when I call on Mothers day I will call and I can only call one number so maybe you could conference each other in. Also mom I have a surprise for you that will be coming this week. Yes it is a surprise so I can't tell you what it is but I know you will like it!
Oh so a friend of mine just left the MTC right now and a friend of his came to Temple Square and told one of the Sisters to say hi to me from him. I want to write him a letter but I don't know his address. Could you check FB for Jeremy Edis's mission address for me please? Thank you so much!
I'm going to Costco now!! YAY meat and rice milk! and honey and FOOD! One of the Sisters here has a Costco card so we are going today! I'm so excited!
I love you muchos
Love Sister Turner xoxoxoxooxoxoxoxo

Teresa Swain
05/07/2012 8:08am

Good morning Emily,

I just so love your letters. They enrich my day. I'm so glad that you are having the time of your life. I know your mom is so proud of you. We got to spend the day together when she was home last and she just glows about what an amazing woman you are. She glows equally for all three of you; but, right now to know that you are giving everything temporal up to serve is just really humblng. Have an awesome week and much love, Teresa


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