Hello hello, my lovely jumbly family and friends (you're not jumbly- it's just a phrase :)
 This week has been great! Oh my goodness though it went by so fast! This whole transfer is just going by way to fast! AH!!! There is only 2 weeks left and then everything will change again. I will probably still be in guest services because I will have to train someone to replace me, but I will probably have a new companion :( sad I love Sister Pickrel so much - she is hilarious, and I will probably have new room mates which is also sad because I love Sister Kyle and Sister Jardine so much! 
Last night when Sister Pickrel and I got home they surprised us with making poutine for us! Ah they are so sweet and we have so much fun together. 
But I know that whatever changes may happen they will be good and I don't need to start worrying about them yet because I still have longer and in reality I don't need to worry because I know the changes that will happen will be what Heavenly Father wants for me and for my investigators.
  I just went to the Temple yesterday.  I LOVE THE TEMPLE!!!! I'm so so so so happy that there is a Temple in my mission! I'm so blessed :)  Also thanks for sending me Amanda's blog:
 ( http://thequadrafarm.blogspot.ca )   - it looks like she is doing well and loving life :) 
 Oh oh oh I almost forgot to tell you!!! EVERYBODY I know NEEDS to read "The Fourth Missionary" even if you aren't going on a mission it is an amazing talk and you can relate it to your life. And if you are going on a mission then all the better - IT IS AMAZING! It's not on lds.org but if you type it into google like this - "The fourth missionary pdf Lawrence E Corbridge" - it should come up and you can print it off! Seriously it's amazing! I've been reading it with highlighters and it's all colorful and beautiful! 
You asked me about my investigators and they are all doing very lovely :) Eric has a baptismal date for June 26 and Sam said he wants to be baptized before he comes to Temple Square in July! Everyone else is doing well and I love, love, love teaching them. They are wonderful and I love them all so much! I wish I could tell you all about everyone!We woke up early this morning so that we could take the youth around that came for a youth conference. It was really nice! I love youth so much. Heavenly Father really is watching out for his children. I say that because something that may seem small happened this morning but I know that the Lord had his hand in this girls life and that really isn't small at all but a miracle. I will tell you the story - So Sister Pickrel and I went to the washroom (btw it's a Canadian thing to say washroom) before the conference started. There was about 200 youth coming to the conference and when we went into the washroom there were two girls in there. We said hello and friendly greeted them, and went back into the theater to be assigned to our group. The groups were assigned by the color on their name tag so we had red 5. When we got our group together there was about 12 youth in our group and one of them was one of the girls from the washroom. We took them on the tour (we had about 30 minutes to show them around) When we go to the destinations we stop and talk about it and share scriptures with them and invite them to share the gospel with their friends and relate everything we talk about to missionary work. As we take them from one place to the next we talk to a couple of people as we walk to keep them entertained. So this girl I met kept coming to my mind but she was never near enough to me as we walked. So the last place we stopped at we gave them a referral card and invited them to fill it out. Finally I had a chance to talk to this girl as she stood awkwardly next to two other girls. I went over and asked if they had any questions about the card and asked them if they knew each other. The other two girls stepped closer together and said "we do, we are friends" the poor other girl looked at me awkwardly and said quietly that she didn't know them. So I stepped a little closer to this sweet little girl and said "well we know each other, we met earlier today and we are friends" You should have seen the look on her face, she just lit right up and smiled so big. It was something so small but it meant so much to this little 12 year old girl who was at her very first youth conference. I talked with her the whole way back to the theater where the group was meeting up and I told her that by the end of the weekend she would know lots of people and not to worry. She was so cute and just so happy that someone took the time to talk to her. Heavenly Father was watching out for her and he knows just what she needed. I'm so grateful that I took the time to pay attention to the Spirit. Like I said to some this may seem like nothing but things like this happen all the time that show just how much the Lord really does have His hand in our lives and that we really will see miracles as we take the time to obey our promptings. 
Okay so I have a bit more time so I will try to answer a couple of the great questions you have-My clothes are good but it's getting really, really HOT here and most of them are winter clothes. My room mates and I have an 'open closet' policy so I've been borrowing some lighter clothes from them but I think I need to get a few new lighter shirts. I was planning on going to the downeast outlet store or the DI today to find something cheap. 
 I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!! You are all in my prayers everyday and I just love you so much!
 I'm already excited to call you on Fathers day:) I hope you are all happy and healthy and well. xoxoxoxoxoxo (and a cup of tea - for mom because I know she likes hugs and kisses and tea)
Sister Turner 


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