Temple Square February 2012
Sister Jung and I
On the phone
Hello family and friends!!!I 
This week has been really good! It went by so fast, it feels like it was just p-day and now I'm already writing you again. 
Sometimes the days feel long especially when someone yells at you for calling them on the phone but then a miracle will happen like you take some people on a tour and they give you referrals and it makes the day wonderful again. It is so true what the Lord told Joseph Smith that our adversities and afflictions will be 'but a small moment' and when we endure it will we will be exalted on high. I like to remind myself of that scripture when something is hard and by the end of the day I can always see things turn around and life is lovely again.
Missionary work is hard but in such a good way. Its hard to explain but I love it all the time. I love all the people I am able to teach - I am teaching people in Canada, Korea and all over the states! I am so blessed to be able to talk to so many different people all day.
Ok to answer some questions; I don't introduce the Joseph Smith movie - I stay on Temple Square and the Joseph Smith memorial building is not on Temple Square - I do introduce The Testaments and Legacy though because they are in the North Visitors Centre. Oh and I get to take people through God's Plan for His Family it's such a great movie its like 15 mins long and you move through about 6 rooms and each room shows a clip about a family and how the Temple and the Gospel can bless families so much. I love taking people to it the Spirit is always so strong.
Contacts are all doing great! I love teaching and I am constantly learning so much on how I can improve. Everyday it seems we find more people to teach. I love it :) Some investigators have harder times accepting the message then others but I'm so grateful for all the opportunities I have. 
I LEARN so much everyday, and I always strive to improve, sometimes I just want to be perfect and never make mistakes but as a human I know that I will never be perfect and all I can do is my very BEST and that is comforting in those times.
Oh the Korean food was SOOOOOO good! And pretty easy to make too :) Sister Wong and her companion are coming over to eat with Sister Jung and I tonight and we are going to make Korean Curry mmmmmmmmm
I sang at church this Sunday :) It was very nice it was Sister Jung, 3 others companionship's and I. We sang the chorus in Korean it was so neat- so now I know how to say, 'Thank you, Glory and His truth is marching on" in Korean oh and I still remember how to say ' My name is Sister Turner and Hello' YAY! I forget what hymn we sung but I'm pretty sure it was page 60 in the Hymn Book.
Ah I always feel so rushed when I write - I wonder if I will ever get used to only having and hour to write you and also I write my mission president once a week. I want to send you pictures too. Ok I have a couple more minutes to answer some more questions.
I am eating good and sleeping good.  I have lots of fruit and vegetables and I have been trying to eat lots of brown rice and whole grain foods.  Oh and meat, I also need protein to keep me going, so that is good. I have an hour for lunch as well as dinner so I have been able to spend time making good healthy food. Starting after conference we only have 1/2 hour throughout the summer so I think I will start making bigger meals to put in the freezer and eat at a later time.
Anyway thank you for your love and support I love you all and keep being so wonderful :) I'm so happy to be here and am really enjoying this experience. I know it is for others and not myself but I know I am growing so much.
Oh I went to the temple today! I am out of time to tell you about it but it was wonderful :) I LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!
Love Sister Turner
We sang in church
Grocery shopping
Learning how to and eating, Korean food. Yum!
I am so happy to be here!

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