Okay Hi family and friends!!!

I spent some time replying to other emails but I've still got some time to write about the week.

First off Christan is doing so amazing. Everything we teach him he just soaks right up, the spirit is always so strong when we teach him because his heart is open to learning and the Holy Ghost is able to testify to him that what we teach is true and is from God. We taught him lesson 3, The gospel of Jesus Christ, a few days ago and recently taught him lesson 1, The Restoration. When we were teaching about the Book of Mormon one of my favorite things he talked about was how grateful he was to have found this church because even as a child he wondered why Jesus Christ would only come to Jerusalem and not visit the other parts of the world. He now knows that He did come to teach all people his gospel and He is still inviting people to learn of him and listen to His words. I love being a representative of Jesus Christ and be able to teach people His gospel.   

We went to the Temple today!!! I love the Temple soooooooooooooooooooooooo MUCH! I was just sitting in the Temple today thinking how grateful I am that I'm in a mission that allows me to go to the Temple every transfer. There are a variety of things that each individual person needs to do to be able to keep their testimony strong. Each thing is good, for example reading conference talks, fasting often, surrounding yourself with good people, etc. Although I know that each thing is important to do I think that according to the person there are different points of focus that will help them the most. One of the things that always helps me feel the spirit and strengthens my testimony is going to the temple and I firmly believe that it's something I need to do often for the rest of my life. We are so blessed to have so many ways to bring us peace in our life. 

The square has been REALLY busy lately. I really enjoy summer time because there is always someone to talk to and teach. It's so fun to have so many language tours. Just the other day our day started with a German tour, then we took around a couple from France and in the afternoon we taught an Italian exchange student who came here with his host family. I'm still trying to figure out how to help my companion because, obviously, I don't speak those languages. Sometimes she translates for me and that is good but I'm trying to figure out more ways to be a support to her. It gives me time to pray for her and the people she is teaching. They are being taught and that's what is important. We also have many English tours and lessons that we teach together which is so good as well. I finally am feeling like I am improving on bridging from the history to the basic beliefs. I still have so much to learn but it is good and I know each day can be better then the last. 

This week we served at Welfare Square a couple times and that was so fun. They have the best chocolate milk there :) That's not the only reason I love it though. Serving there really opened my eyes on how important it is to pay fast offering. The church does so much to serve and rarely gets recognized for what they do because that isn't important to them. What's important is helping people in need the way Jesus Christ would do. 

Next p-day we have a zone activity, so I'll be writing you later in the day. We are going to the Humanitarian Center and making blankets for people in need. It's going to be fun, we are also getting together for a picnic lunch beforehand. I really like planning zone activities and I know this one is going to be fun! Sister Eggenberger and I gave them two options, this one or a talent show and they all picked this one which I'm happy about cause I really wanted to do it. 

Well I love you all sooooooooooooooooooooooooo MUCH!!! Talk to you next week,
Love Sister Turner

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