Ah so much love to you all, you are so wonderful. Family and Friends thank you so much for the wonderful letters you send me! I love hearing from all of you and getting mail as a missionary is so great! I love you all, thank you for being so fantastic and supporting me on my mission!
 I picked some shoes up that were on sale.  I wanted to get some to break in before conference because we are on the square from 7:30am - 9pm on Saturday and Sunday and I didn't want to be wearing brand new shoes. I wore them with the dress you leant me and all the sisters thought it was so cool that it used to be yours. 
Mom during the YW conference I missed you because I saw all the mothers and daughters coming to the square together. But then I remembered what I am doing here and that I am making it possible for other mothers daughters to know about the gospel and allowing them to be able to sealed together in their families forever. That made me happy to think about.
Okay 2 talks for everyone to read this week! I loved them Jeffery R. Holland - The Tongue of Angels - SO good I think Elder Holland is one of my favorite speakers. And Richard G. Scott - Eternal Blessings of Marriage- Also amazing. Thanks for telling me about Jeffery R. Holland going to Harvard I actually had already read it - can't watch it here- And I loved it, especially the scripture about Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ being separate beings. I get that question a lot on the square and I always love finding new scriptures that back up what I tell them.
Oh I saw Elder Bednar this week. It's kind of a funny story. Sister Jung and I were walking back home after getting some groceries at Harmons and as we walked past the exit to the church office building we saw a car waiting to pull out. So I like to make eye contact with as many people as I can so that I can smile at them or hopefully engage in a conversation because EVERYONE needs to be uplifted anyway as I was walking past I looked up to see who was in the car so I could smile at them and it turned out to be Elder Bednar. It was funny because Sister Jung didn't notice at first so I motioned to her to look up and because all this was happening as we were crossing the street and walking, I almost walked right into the street light pole hahaha I just barely missed it. So funny. Anyway hopefully he got a laugh for the day.
Oh I read the most wonderful scriptures that explain exactly how I feel about my mission recently and I wanted to share them with you they are fantastic! Alma 26:11-12,16,35-37 it explains how I feel much better then I can describe so you should read them.
I have a funny story about one of our investigators this week. Clarence called in to receive a Book of Mormon a couple weeks back, he so so great. He is African American. It is such a miracle how we were able to get in contact with him. He said he had been praying that morning that he would find a way to know God better and then when he was out shopping he had run into 4 missionaries that gave him the free Book of Mormon card. And he called us to get the free Book of Mormon. I was blessed to be able to answer the phone when he called in and was able to teach him about the church. Of course after hearing the story about how his prayer was answered I knew he was so prepared to learn more about the gospel and immediately referred him to the missionaries in his local area! Now there is nothing you can do when missionaries don't contact those whom you refer but of course all you can do is keep teaching them and then invite them to go to church to find missionaries for themselves. Anyway I need to make this story shorter - I'm running out of time. So it had been two weeks and the missionaries still hadn't contacted him so Sister Jung and I really encouraged him to go to church last Sunday (He has been loving what we have been teaching him) He hadn't gone the Sunday before because it was hard for him to get there and he felt a little uncomfortable. We explained to him the blessings that come from obeying God's commandments and attending church and even if it was a sacrifice he would be blessed because of it. We prayed a lot of the weekend that he would be able to go. Oh also we explained to him that the missionaries would be there and that he would be able to get a Book of Mormon from them.  So we called him yesterday and he said he went to church!!! YAY we were so excited and asked him how it went and these are his words the best I can remember- "Ya, church is so good. I loved what they were talking about it was like God was speaking right to me. There was this one part when everyone was talking about some talents they had. A lot of the congregation is white, I mean I don't want to sound racist they were great and all it was just a lot different from my other church (Baptist).. anyway they were talking about these talents and going around the room (You can imagine a sunday school lesson , I play the piano, I sing and so forth) so I decided that it was about time I stood up so then I began by letting them all know who I was and how God had brought me to this church and that how a talent that I have is hearing God answer my prayers ( and he went on for quite a while) then those two boys got up to say a talent that they had and I just recognized them as missionaries so I went right on over to them and said HEY aren't you the ones that are suppose to bring me my Book"  I love Clarence can't you just pictures two missionaries just so surprised to see him. Anyway he said they were going to come teach him that night. Finally he got his Book of Mormon. I'm so happy he was able to go and we told him about conference this weekend and he is looking forward to hearing a Prophet speak!
Andre got baptized!!! Yay thank you for all your prayers.
 Ah I'm out of time.
Oh my passport! The MOST difficult thing I have ever done! So I went to the post office to get a photo taken and they wouldn't take in because they said that Canada was too picky with there photos and that if it was anywhere else in the world they would take it but NOT Canada. They said there was only one place near by that would take it (I'm going to go today) and that it would cost $30!! For a PICTURE! Anyway I'm off to do that right now.  Thank you.
I love you so much thank you for all you do. 
This work is GREAT!  
Enjoy Conference!!! 
We are so blessed!
Love Emily

Oh, so much has happened this week! 

FIRST of all I'm excited to tell you that I had my first experience (during my mission) seeing a General Authority but no not one I tell you but 10! Haha yes, yes you did hear that right. So let me tell you the story... So when we send out mail we go downstairs to the church office building, it's actually a cafeteria and a post office in an underground parking garage. I know weird, I was so surprised that it was all down there I had no idea. Anyway so how we get there is we go down the elevator in the Joseph Smith Memorial building and then walk down this hallway which leads us to the underground parking garage. So Sister Jung and I were walking down the hall way and just as we walk out the doors leading in to the parking garage a security guard very politely asks us to wait just a minute. We turn and heads so see why he asks us to stop and not 2 feet in front of us we see Boyd K Packer, L. Tom Perry, Russell M Neilson, Dalin H. Oaks, M. Russell Ballard, Richard G. Scott, Robert D. Hales, Jeffery R. Holland, David A. Bednar and D. Todd Christoferson walk by!!!! I was so shocked!!! Haha they all turned and either nodded or said 'Hello Sisters' as they walked past. Wow it was a really neat experience. It's amazing how you can really feel that these men are prophets, seers and revelators even in a parking garage! The spirit was so strong and I couldn't stop smiling the rest of the day. It was a really neat experience for me.

Oh, oh and guess who else I saw and actually got to meet! JOHN BYTHEWAY! He was here speaking to a youth conference at one of the theaters. When we go to the computers to call people we walk right past the theater and so when I was walking past I glanced by and was so surprised to see him there! He was sooooo nice and came and shook our hands and talked to us for a couple minutes. He saw Sister Jung's Korean flag so he was telling us all about a store in Korea that's called 'Buy the way' he thought it was neat because it was "named after him" haha. It was so cool to be able to talk to him and find out he's actually as nice as he sounds on tape.

I LOVE serving my mission on Temple Square!!! And not just because I'm able to see all of these amazing people who we all know so well but I get to meet so many amazing people every day!

 I love teaching the gospel, there is nothing that makes me happier than to share what I know and love so much. I'm so blessed to not only be able to teach non-members but members too. Everyone that comes to Temple Square needs to be enlightened and feel the Spirit and as I am able to share scriptures with everyone and help them feel closer to the Savior it is such a wonderful experience!

Oh Andre is getting baptized on Saturday :) I'm so excited for him! All of my other investigators are doing great! I love them so much and I love to see them progress. Ah so many wonderful people.

Mom thank you for the email!! I love hearing from you! I sent you a letter which I hope you get before you leave for 2 weeks. I sent it to Fort McMurray. Mother darling I also have the thank you so much for 'taking me and my companion out for dinner' IT WAS SO GOOD! I will send you pictures. We were so excited and the food was soooooooo good. I love you, thank you thank you. Oh thank you for the letter :) It was nice seeing your writing again. I miss you but not in a sad way. I will send my passport off tomorrow, thank you for all your help. Dad too thank you. A lot of the time when I address mom I mean dad too because I know you both help me out together.  

 THANK YOU xoxoxooxox  Oh dear I have need of medical help too :( I have had such a sore lower back the past couple days. I think it is from sitting at the computers for long amounts of time. It's not unbearable but it is very uncomfortable. Does anyone have any advice? A certain exercise or something I can do to make it feel better. Thank you.

OH my goodness I almost forgot to tell you about the fire alarm! Wow there has been lots of excitement this week. Okay so last night Sister Williams (new room-mate also my room-mate in the MTC, she is from Arizona and her companion is from China) decided she wanted to do some baking. We were all in the Kitchen I was making sweet and sour pork and Sister Chen was making some boiled chicken or something and Sister Jung was watching :) So I didn't really notice that Sister Williams had put wax paper in a 400 degree oven until I smelt the smoke. I was stirring the pork so that the sauce didn't burn but I kept smelling something burning I saw some smoke coming up from the other burner and I was confused because I just had it on but I was sure I turned it off. I asked the other Sisters and they smelled something funny too, so that's when Sister Williams opened the oven to see a huge wave a smoke coming billowing out. It wasn't on fire just really, really, REALLY smokey so we turned off the oven and started fanning the alarms with towels to prevent the alarm from going off... but it didn't work... at all. The entire building alarm went off actually which means that the hall lights start flashing and a REALLY LOUD alarm starts going off and EVERYONE has to leave the building and go to the field behind it. Ahhh it was so crazy, and all for just some burnt rolls. It was really cold outside but it was okay because I got the sisters in my zone to start singing primary action songs and it cheered them up. We actually had a pretty good time. We only had to wait about 20 minutes before we could go back inside (the firetrucks came so we had to wait for them to check it out). Moral of the story don't bake with wax paper on a high heat and when you are cold sing primary songs :) Sister Jung recorded a video of us fanning the alarms so I will send it to you.Ah I'm so out of time! I love you thank you for writing me. I love hearing from you.

LOTS OF LOVE  Sister Turner 


Hello my lovely Family and Friends!

I love you all very much. Thanks for writing me and sending me pictures!  

I'm kind of tired today, BUT still as happy as always. We had to get up at 5am for the transfer conference and because of the time change it was like 4am. But that is okay, I am on the Lords time not my own. The transfer conference was great! I get to stay with Sister Jung and I'm so happy about that. We are in the same apartment to which is wonderful because that means I won't have to move all my stuff down the hall. At Temple Square usually the sisters change companions and zones every 6 weeks except when you are a trainee then you usually stay with your companion. So I get to be with Sister Jung for another 6 weeks, then we think she will go outbound because she has been out for a while and hasn't gone yet. I'm happy we are staying together and get to continue to teach our investigators together.

I love everyone I am teaching so MUCH! People all over the world are so wonderful. We got quite a few new investigators this week and it is wonderful! I will tell you about a couple of them. Beth in Australia is amazing, she is in her 70's and is just so sweet. She has such a strong desire to know if this is true, I know God will answer her prayer because her intent is so great! That's something that I've really realized since being on my mission if we don't pray with the intent that we will act on the answer we receive we are not going to get an answer. It makes me think of you mom and how you acted on what you felt you should do! I'm sure you will be blessed for your obedience! Oh you are such a wonderful example to me :)

I love it when our investigators pray. I always get the biggest smile on my face because I know that, that is the only way they will receive their answers and progress in the Gospel. It is amazing how hard it is for some people to pray, I had never realized how difficult that could be for some people, but I'm so happy that I am able to explain to them that God is their Father and that he wants to hear from them just like their earthly father would want to hear from them. It is so wonderful to be able to witness them receiving answers to their prayers and feeling the Holy Ghost and then to have the opportunity to tell them what that is. The church is true!!!!

I'm sorry I didn't do a very good job telling you about individual investigators. Oh Jen is doing really great! She has the best questions for us! I love it when all of our investigators ask questions because I know that, that means they are applying the teaching to their lives and that is how they will remember what we have taught them. So good! 

Andre is getting baptized soon!!!! Keep him in your prayers, as these people progress in the gospel Satan will try even harder to lead them astray. He is wonderful and he is loving everything that Sister Jung and I are teaching him. He is also meeting with the missionaries and taking the discussions from them and he is really enjoying it! His wife is a member of the church and they got married in Jan, I'm really excited for them because that means in a year they can go to the TEMPLE and be sealed together forever!! Oh so wonderful. 

There are many more wonderful people that the Lord has given Sister Jung and I the opportunity to teach I wish I could tell you about all of them. Please keep Sister Jung and I in your prayers so that we will have knowledge and wisdom how to help these wonderful people. I know I said this last time but OBEDIENCE = FAITH = BLESSINGS. I have such a strong testimony of that.

Oh you need to all watch '17 Miracles'.  We watched it this morning at the transfer conference and it is amazing. It will make you cry and it will also make you very grateful for the early pioneers and help you realize what a blessing it is that we have temples all around the world.

My P-day will be on Tuesday next week so that is when you get my next email. My assignments in the new zone are exactly the same as now - motors and square. I'm looking forward to when I will get to go the Beehive house, but I'm happy that is not this transfer because I want to be around the square during conference! We get to go to one session and then read the rest in the Ensign when it comes out. I'm really looking forward to all the people that will be coming to temple square! Yay!

I'm sorry that my emails are always so scattered, I think especially today because I am a bit tired.

I can't believe I have been on Temple Square for 6 weeks already! It's crazy how fast time is going! It has been very beautiful in Utah lately but it is making be realize I didn't really bring many summer clothes. It's okay though because every transfer the sisters here bring all the clothes they don't want anymore and trade. It's really great because there are a lot of clothes, especially from sisters that are going home or outbound. Also you don't need to bring clothes in order to get clothes because there are so many. I think I will bring more towards the end of my mission but now I am trying to collect.

Alright my lovely family and friends, I love you all, keep writing me, it is very exciting to get mail. You are all amazing, thank you for supporting me on my mission.

Love Sister Turner

Family  and Friends!!!

I think of you often but I am blessed to not miss you too much. You are all so wonderful!!  I have been a very happy cook lately and have been really enjoying all the healthy snacks :) I keep some of it in my locker on Temple Square and it's so nice to have a little snack and boost of energy through out the day. I also now bring a nice warm thermos of tea with me every morning sweetened with Agave syrup and it makes me so Happy. Thank you, thank you, thank you :)

This week has been great! We have SO many new investigators and I love them all so much. I get so excited as I see them progress in this Gospel you can see the blessings that flow into their lives as they keep commitments and have a desire to learn more. There are so many miracles around me everyday! 

I've been on my mission 2 months now and I don't know where the time has gone. I am still loving every minute. Sister Jung is a great companion and I learn so much from her. I also have amazing district and zones leaders that I learn so much from. 

I went on exchanges with one of my zone leaders last night and it was so great! We got an awesome member referral of a young man that lives here in Utah. I just got off the phone with him and he is so prepared, I am so happy I was able to have the opportunity to teach him, and to be able to continue helping him grow in this gospel. I love being a missionary!!!

I always think of so many things I want to write during the week but then I get on the computer and I see the time ticking away and it stresses me out and I forget everything I want to say! 

Haha, know that I am very happy though and very busy! Oh we had a great meeting with all the Sisters on temple square the other morning. President Gillete, his wife and the assistants spoke to us. We learnt about how obedience= faith= blessings! It was so good, Iearnt so much. I loved it. It is so true and I can really see that is such a true principle. It is so important to be EXACTLY obedient here on the mission, even if a rule doesn't really make sense I know that if I follow it with faith knowing that it was written by a prophet or an apostle who has been called of God I will see miracles in my mission, not just for me but for all of my investigators. And when I see all those whom I am teaching really progressing it makes me the happiest I can be.

I took another youth conference group on a tour this week and it was so lovely. There was a group of about 8 young men and they were all so great! They all gave us referrals at the end of the tour and I could tell they were all going to be fantastic missionaries one day! It is so powerful when youth bare their testimonies I love encouraging them and helping them in any way I can. It makes me so very very happy!

have been learning more Korean! Now I can say 'how are you' 'I am good' and 'I am hungry' :) I am hungry is my favorite to say, you pronounce it like - pago-pie-o, it sounds so cute. Thank you so much to everyone that has written me this week. You don't know how much your letters mean to me, they brighten my day and always bring a smile to my face. 

Thank you! Lyra, thank you so much for sending me a birthday invitation! You are so CUTE and your birthday looks like it is going to be so much fun! Did you get your birthday card I sent?

Benjamin how was your birthday party? Did you eat lots of cake? I hope you got the card I sent.

Sometimes I think about my mission so far and it really amazes me how incredibly happy I am. It is hard but in such a good way I can't describe. There are moments when I feel discouraged or unhappy but then those are the moments that I remember the Savior is with me always and he is always there to lift me up during a trial and it brings me so much closer to him and to our Heavenly Father and I think back on those hard times as really a blessing. I am so blessed to know of this gospel and how the atonement can really bless my life. I get so excited when I am able to share that message with someone else and on Temple Square I have the blessing of being able to do that several times a day! It is so wonderful. I am so happy to be serving my mission on Temple Square it truly is an inspired calling. And it really shows me how much Heavenly Father knows me. He knows each one of you too. And he loves you each individually. All he asks is that we come to him with earnest prayer. I know that when we are specific in our prayers and make a conscious effort to kneel morning and night and to talk to God like you would a father you will see miracles in your life. Nothing is too serious or too unimportant to tell your Heavenly Father. As you tell Him about your day ask him for help in ways that you feel you can improve tomorrow you will see he is there and just waiting to bless you. I have seen this in my own life and I know that you can all see it in yours.

Love Sister Turner