Hello my lovely family and friends!!!

How are you all doing this beautiful day!? I love the Savior, I love my mission, I love my companion, I love my investigators I'm just so full of love! Of course I love all of you as well :)

This week was so great! Another week of fantastic miracles! Heavenly Father truly blesses us as we strive to do His work.

Thank - you for the mail. It was so nice. It's always such a treat to get mail and I'm always so excited! Oh also thank you for the pictures! Sarah you are beautiful! And your children are adorable. Oh and Sarah thanks so much for the last letter you sent, you've inspired me to REALLY start exercising. So this past week my companion and I have been waking up a half hour early so 5:50am and have been playing basketball, ultimate Frisbee and running the canyon. It's been great and I feel way better. It's also fun to play with the sisters. It's like a big family here and I love it. All the sisters are so unique and so much fun. We love each other a lot and see each other all the time.

We met some amazing people on the square this week! Heavenly Father is truly preparing his children to hear the restored gospel. We met this one young man and his Uncle a couple days ago. The young man wasn't  member (his mom is less-active and never took him to church) but his whole extended family are members. He is from Seattle but was in Utah for a big family reunion. He had so many great questions and it was so nice to see his heart soften as we shared our testimony with him. I love asking questions and while we were at the Christus statue I asked what his thoughts were as he looked at the depiction of Christ. He said he felt like he was looking down on him. As we explained the Atonement and what that could mean to him his attitude changed and as we asked what it would mean to him to know that Jesus Christ loved him and that the Savior was willing to die so that he could be forgiven and comforted he said that if he were to know that were true he would rejoice and be so happy. God's plan truly is a plan of happiness. We will be teaching this young man over the phone and the missionaries will be coming by to bring him a copy of The Book of Mormon and teach him as well. I love my investigators I wish I had time to tell you about all of them!

It is wonderful to know that the Lord called me to this mission. For who I am and for who my companion is. As we work together we will be able to touch the hearts of countless people because Heavenly Father is sending people directly to us because he trusts us to teach them. It's interesting to find similarities to myself and those I teach to be able to relate to them which helps them feel comfortable. I love that I was called to this specific mission :)

We took a couple motorcoaches (tour buses that come to Temple Square for about 45 minutes) I love motorcoaches. It's so fun to carry around the microphone and teach and testify to SO many people at once! I love the history on Temple Square and also how everything can be bridged to any gospel topic. We really work on bridging on Temple Square because we have to explain the history but we also need to constantly be testifying and bringing people closer to the Savior. I love it!!!

Have I told you how amazing my companion is! I love her so much. She is such a hard worker and so willing to learn. We have a great time together but are always working hard. I've been trying to help her in anyway I can. It really helps that throughout my mission I've learned a lot of patience, a skill I now know I definitely needed before I became a wife and mother. I will always constantly be learning, I know that, but I love even looking back on past journal entries and seeing the growth already.

Oh mom and dad I was going to say that's so great you were able to go to the Temple this past week! What a wonderful experience. The Salt Lake Temple opens again on the 13th of Aug so I will probably be going next p-day! YAY!

1 hour a week we get to do something called "explore" where we get to go to the various buildings surrounding Temple Square and find out more about them. Mom you would LOVE the Relief Society building. I also thought of Grandma when I was there too. I bet she'd like it. Anyway it was beautiful. Something about being there reminded me of the Temple. Probably because all the buildings we go to are dedicated. Anyway it was so neat to hear more of the history and look at all the pretty things. We also went downstairs where they have a primary and young women's displays. Those were really neat as well.

I've been studying the Atonement this week again. I love studying the Atonement and realizing I still have so much to learn and also how grateful I am for the Savior. I've been reading lesson 2 in Preach my Gospel that talks about the Plan of Salvation. It is such a wonderful and perfect plan. I know that the Savior lives and loves us. It brings so much joy to our lives when we follow his commandments not asking the why but rather willing to go and do. I feel so much peace and happiness even through trials because I know that he is always there with me and will support me through anything. I need to go through trials so that I can become stronger in faith. The example of the pioneers shows me the need for trials and how important they are. As you go throughout this next week I encourage you to read and study the Atonement. "The Living Christ" always strengthens my testimony and I encourage you all to read it and to record your feelings in a journal or notebook. Will you be willing to do that. I know that as you do your testimony will be strengthened and that you will feel the greater peace and joy that comes into our lives as we "Always remember Him". Let me know how it goes.

Thank you for all your letters and love :) I'm so happy to hear how you all are all the time! I have been so blessed with such a loving and supportive family. Thank you so much for all you do for me so that I am able to have this amazing experience that will shape my whole life, not only now but for eternity.

Amanda you are always in my prayers and I know everything will go well for you! I can't wait to see baby pictures :) Any day now right?
Well I love you all sooooooooooooo MUCH! Sending you lots of love and hugs! Keep on being amazing you are all always in my prayers and I know Heavenly Father is watching over you and that he loves you so much.

Love Sister Turner


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