Hi Family and Friends!

I had the most amazing week! Sister Hinton is so great! I love her so much already and I'm learning a lot from her each day. She just came back from outbound so it's great to hear about her experiences and learn from them. We've been working hard together and seeing miracles already! We love being zone leaders and we love our zone (of 22 sisters) so much! I know this will continue to be a fantastic transfer full of Miracles!

Christmas is here!!! Temple Square is beautiful and there are soooooooooooooooooooooo MANY people here! I love it! From 5pm-10pm the lights are on and the square is packed! It's great because you just walk out the door and you don't get 5 feet before you've found someone to contact and teach. Then you move on and find someone else. The first night Sister Hinton and I were on the square we probably got 30 feet in an hour! It was so great! Sister Hinton is really good at finding and sharing just the perfect scripture with the people we talk to I love it!  There are a lot of members who have friends they ask us to call so that we can share a message about Christ with and invite them to learn more. It's a great opportunity to share the gospel with people all over the world. What have you been doing to help bring The Savior into this Christmas season? One thing that Sister Gillette has given us is a paper chain with 24 references to the Savior each link has a different scripture to read each day :)

Oh Happy Thanksgiving! We had SO much fun. They closed the square at 1pm and we went to a place called "Noahs" (you could probably look it up online if your interested) and is was so great. I've never really seen anything quite like it, they had rented out the whole building and there was a big reception/dinning room, where they had a karaoke machine set up and then they had all these different rooms on 3 different levels with a arts and crafts room and 3 video rooms with different Disney movies playing and a games room with a ping-pong table they also had volleyball room. It was so fun! I really like it when all the sisters get together to do things President and Sister Gillette are so nice and help us know when to work hard and play hard. 

We had zone leader council yesterday where discussed what the focus of the mission is going to be this transfer and what we (as zone leaders) need to help our sisters with. It was great I always learn so much in those meetings. We (Sister Hinton and I) will be teaching one of the topics at a leadership meeting tomorrow. We are going to be teaching about how to overcome fear and have faith when it comes to calling in the teaching center. The teaching center is what we do instead of tracting except better because we are calling member referrals. We are also going to help the sisters feel more comfortable because, as we know, if we are prepared we shall not fear! I'm excited, I love teaching! Oh we will also be explaining the importance of calling less actives because the mission wasn't really focused on that before and now we are making it more of a focus and I think that is great! There are so many people that need the gospel and there are also so many people that need to be reminded of the covenants they made at baptism so that they can happily endure to the end. Just like God told Joseph Smith in Liberty jail that we need to "endure it well and then God will exalt thee on high and triumph over all thy foes" Not just endure but be happy! God's plan is the plan of happiness! Rejoice and be glad that He has given us commandments because He so very much wants to bless us.

As you might have noticed I'm emailing a little earlier today and that is because during the Christmas season our p-day is 10-6 instead of 1-9 so I will email you in the mornings this transfer. 

Our investigators are doing great! It is a privilege to get to know so many amazing people that are striving to change their lives to come closer to Heavenly Father. What a blessing it is to be a part in helping someone partake of the Atonement of Jesus Christ. There is nothing that brings me a greater happiness. 

Well I love you allllllll soooooooooooooooooo MUCH!!!!! Lots of hugs and love :)
Love Sister Turner


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