Thank you so so so so so so so MUCH for the amazing BIRTHDAY parcel! You know me sooooooooooooo well. Everything in that box was exactly what I wanted or needed! Thank you a million times. I wish I could go through every single thing and thank you for all of them individually but you can know that I'm super happy with everything.

I've had a good
 birthday day so far. We had a safety training this morning at 7:30 and they gave us all muffins YUM! And had a reminder of how to be safe on our mission and all the procedures of what we need to do to stay safe. They also told us that this is probably one of the safest places in the world because all the security have the priesthood and we all have the holy ghost to guide us. I like that thought and mom I thought you might like that too :).

 After that I went to guest services and opened my package :) : ) :) Sister Steenblik took some pictures for me that I will send to you! And now I'm emailing you!

Mom thank you for the very sweet letter. You are so wonderful and good to me I love hearing from you. I will hopefully have time to write you a hand written letter in response after I have time to read it all. Thank you thank you!

Dad thanks for the letters, I was excited to hear from you twice! I love that you are doing missionary work, keep it up! It is so important, like you said, to pray for guidance, because there are so many times when I am teaching and I have no idea what to say but then the words just come to me and I know that is Heavenly father leading me allow with what I need to say. I know he will help you the same way. That's great you are giving a talk! What a great subject, I'm sure it will be amazing! HAPPY FATHERS DAY!!! I'm so sorry I can't call. I'm quite sad about it but I also know that the mission president makes these rules for a reason so it will be okay. I will talk to you on Christmas :)

I feel like I'm not expressing my gratitude and thanks enough as I feel them in this email but I want you to know that I'm so grateful that you are my family and that you love me so much. I'm so happy that even though I am far away and can't call you you still do all you can to help me have such a happy day. Thank you! Hey and next year I will be coming home 3 days after my birthday! Crazy.

Sometimes being a missionary is harder then usual but I am still happy no matter what circumstances may arise because I know that the only way to grow and to become better is through adversity. I'm grateful that Heavenly Fathers knows me well enough to give me trials that will make me stretch but that won't be completely overwhelming to me. Also lately I've been praying a lot that I will be able to more fully reach my potential as a missionary and so I think he has let me have harder times so that I can come to that point of being better. Don't worry or anything I'm happy and I love being able to know that I can always trust in the Lord to ease any burdens that I feel I have (Mosiah 24: 12-14.. I think? or somewhere around there). I think that anything that I do go through begins with my attitude so if I notice myself having a hard time the first thing I need to do is look at the positive and it will make everything brighter and better.

I'm so grateful that you have always taught me to not gossip or think bad of people but to love everyone and try my best to make them happy. Thank you, I really think it makes my life a lot easier as a missionary and really as a person. If ever I do have a hard time with someone I know, because you have taught me, that I need to serve them. Even when it may feel hard, the end result will be wonderful and really everything does go back to your attitude. Also I've noticed that all the companions I've had so far have had a hard companion before me and it seems they come to me to help them cheer up, it made me quite happy when I realized that and I'm grateful that Heavenly Father trusts me that way.

Well I have to go because I want to send you some pictures from this morning.

I love you all so very very much thank you for being the BEST family in the world! Truly though, you are.

Love Sister Turner ... ahhhhhhhhhhhhh I'm 23!

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