I had another wonderful week of miracles but I never have enough time to write them all!!!!

I will start with the awful news and then tell you the good - Don't be sad and know that there is a reason that there are mission rules - So I can't call on Fathers Day. It was something that the old mission president used to allow but with President Gillette he only wants the Sisters to call twice a year - once on Mothers day and once on Christmas. BUT I get to email you like the day before Fathers day so that is good! Which is also the day of my birthday! Well at least I'm pretty sure my P-day will stay the same.

 Transfer Conference is coming up on Monday so I will have a new companion next time I write you but I'm pretty sure I will be in the same zone. Not sure yet. I'm excited for the transfer conference there has been rumours going around that there will be a special speaker! No idea who but it's exciting.

Thank you for your note this week mom!  Sister Pickrel is really excited to go out to eat! We are actually going right after email :) We are going to the Olive Garden! I'm excited, we really wanted to do something fun for our last P-day together and going out to eat is perfect! Not many restaurants will accept my Canadian debit card so I will take the money out before I go. Sister Pickrel loves you by the way :)

Have a wonderful time at Matthias's baptism. He is such a wonderful boy and is getting so grown up. Give him a hug for me and tell him I love him and I'm so happy for him to make this very important decision in his life.

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH You NEED to call Raven and just scream in her ear for a few minutes!!! Then you can ask her to tell you why!!! hehehheheh tell her I love her and then jump up and down and scream again. She will understand and I will write her today but it won't get to her for like 2 weeks and so I hope you can do this a little sooner.

So this week was so amazing! We took an amazing girl around Temple Square. Her name is Leanne and she is getting baptized on Sunday!!! We taught her about the Atonement and it was amazing to see her transformation from being scared of baptism in the beginning to be excited and anticipating baptism after only an hour at Temple Square. The Spirit is so strong here I'm so grateful that I'm able to serve here. The elders brought her to Temple Square and so we did the lesson with them and it was so good. They were good Elders as well they were able to join in the lesson and share testimony. I'm really excited to go to her baptism tomorrow.

Also we helped with a Mandarin Motorcoach this week. It was so amazing because the people were just so willing to learn. We have very specific rules with the Mandarin busses that come like we can't offer them a Book of Mormon but if they come take one then it is okay, and we can't call and teach over the phone but we can email them if they live in certain parts of China and lots of rules like that but at the end of the tour we stand at the gate with a basket of Books of Mormon and it amazing to see the people line up to get one. What other mission in the world would that happen! The sisters that speak Mandarin are amazing. There are only a few of them and they are always accepting to take tours so it was nice to be able to help them. 

Also we went to a baptism last night! Sister Chen invited Sister Pickrel and I to go because it was Sister Pickrel who had assigned the tour to Sister Chen. It was so nice and we sung in Mandarin! I love baptisms. Sister Chen has been teaching her for a while over the phone and it was so nice for her to be able to go and attend the baptism. And one of Sister Jung and my former investigators came and he said he really felt the Spirit so I hope that will help him to progress.

There were also two amazing mission meetings this week. The people who are in charge of visitor centre training came and taught us how to be more effect missionaries by being ourselves and some changes they were making in the mission to make it even more of a Preach My Gospel Mission. They also talked about how people say Visitor Center Missions are easy missions and how wrong they are and how Sisters at visitors centers have to work very hard and are busy 24/7. Which is true but I thought that is what all missions are like. I guess I'll be surprised when I am outbound. I love Temple Square so much it will be hard to leave when I do go but I am also excited to experience that type of mission as well. It won't be for a while though. I'm guessing I will go in October or December.

This transfer has been amazing. I love my companion so much and I love my room mates so much and I feel like I love all the Sisters here even more then I did before- I guess that comes by serving them for 6 hours a day.  I love it here, it is such a unique experience and something that I'm sure I will remember at least once a day for the rest of my life. Temple Square is incredible and I'm so happy.Well I want to send you some pictures so I will do that now and if I have time I will write you more after, if not then until next week :)

xoxoxoxooxSister Turner

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