Hello dear family and friends!!

Things are going well here. We have a zone activity after I send this email to you. I made spice cake last night so I'm excited to eat it! And be with the Sisters of course :) I'm just really hungry right now.

This week was good. We have been teaching a lot of new investigators. Heavenly Father has really been blessing us with finding people to teach. Because we serve in Guest Services 6 hours a day sometimes it is hard to find people but this past week 2 people called in with questions about the church so we set up a time to call them again and set the referral through to meet with the missionaries. And then just today actually a woman called in and asked us to call her mom- Her mom's name is Emily too, she is an elderly lady and she just found out she has cancer. It was wonderful to be able to talk to her and help her feel the love God has for her, I got her address and explained that missionaries could come by and teach her more about the church and give her a priesthood blessing. I explained to her that it may not heal her but that it could bring her comfort, and that it was the same power that Jesus Christ gave to his apostles. I love being a missionary and being able to bring hope into peoples lives as I explain the restored gospel. It is such a blessing to be here.

Oh did I tell you in the last email that Sam (from England) has a baptismal date!!! June 30th! He is so great and has an amazing testimony of the restored gospel and of The Book of Mormon. The Book of Mormon truly is the keystone of our religion - every concern Sam had whether big or small we were able to resolve with the Book of Mormon- It's like the introduction says, men will get closer to God by reading it then by any other book! I love the Book of Mormon.

We had a really fun mission FHE last Monday, half the mission went on Monday and half the mission went on Tuesday! It was so fun. We went to President Sepi (on of President Gillettes counselors) house and it was so nice. He had a gigantic park backyard where we ate yummy food and played games. We then walked to the church for a fireside. The fireside was amazing, a couple talked about their life and the trials they went through but how those trials really brough them closer to Christ. It was so sad but so touching and they were so positive about their life. It was really an amazing fireside. Have I mentioned how much I LOVE serving my mission here!

I can't believe I only have a year left! I will never have another June,23 on my mission. I know I shouldn't think about that but it's crazy. Anyway I'm only in my 4th transfer and I have a total of 12 full transfers. It's good though, I'm not near ready to not be a missionary.
I've been reading and studying my patriarchal blessing lately and I love how well it matches up to my life and how I learn something new every time I read it. We are so blessed to have such an amazing gift from out Heavenly Father. Family I encourage you all to prayerfully study your patriarchal blessing. Praying beforehand to be able to recognize what it is you are meant to learn from it today. It is amazing and I invite you to all to read your patriarchal blessing again.

Well I want to send you some pictures from the zone activity so I should go. I love you all soooooooooo much. xoxoxoxoxoox You are amazing and remember Heavenly Father loves you and is always there for you no matter what you want to talk about with him. He truly is our father in heaven

Love Sister Turner


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