Hi Family and Friends!
I hope you are all happy and doing well :)

My week has been great. It feels like just yesterday I was writing you, I can't believe it's been a week already.

California is warming up again. The weather was cold when I first got here but it's nice and sunny again. I love it here. 

I only have two p-days left here!! Where has the time gone! President Becerra gave me permission to go to the Temple before I leave so hopefully my companion and I will be able to do that this week. We just need to get a member to drive us. I'm so excited :) I didn't think I'd be able to go because the mission goes every 6 months and I wasn't going to be here during one of their trips but I asked President last week and he told me we could go! I've heard the L.A Temple is beautiful. 

Have I told you how wonderful the people we live behind are? It's the Bond family and they have 4 children ages 4-11, two girls and two boys. Sister Bond lets us do our laundry there on p-days and this morning when we went in Sister Bond and her 4 little children were sitting at the breakfast temple reading the Book of Mormon. While we were in the laundry room I heard one of the little boys say, after his mom finished the chapter, oh I wish we could just stay home and read the Book of Mormon all day. Isn't that so precious! I'm sure it's not like that every morning but it was so nice to see such a great example of gathering the family together. THe gospel truly does bless families!

Oh I remembered what I wanted to say this week. We took around a 'mini missionary' for the day on Saturday. Her name is Kayla and we were with her from 10-4. It was so great to be with her and it reminded me of going out with the missionaries before my mission and how that impacted my decision to go myself. Kayla has already decided that she is going to go on a mission, she's known she wants to go her whole life. She is just 17 right now and already a great missionary. She doesn't fear talking with people which is a huge part of being an effective missionary. 

I usually tell you what I've been studying this week but I always forget to ask you what you've been studying. I'd love to hear some of your insights and ideas of different scriptural passages or books you've been reading. This morning I was reading in Alma 15 about when Zeezrom gets ill and asks for a blessing. It again reminded me of the importance of humility. Alma and Amulek had been teaching Zeezrom for a few chapters at least and he wasn't repenting, it wasn't until he got very ill and was humble enough to ask for help and then he was converted, got baptized and taught other people. We have been teaching people this past week who are not humble enough to accept the gospel. They don't see a need for prayer or having a relationship with Heavenly Father. It was great to see that through diligence and hard work Alma and Amulek were able to see the fruit of their labor. Humility is a Christlike attribute that takes time to acquire but through the trials of life everyone will have a moment in their life where they wish there was something more to life then what they currently have.  

I love you all! Have a happy week and enjoy the day! (Psalms 118:24)
Love, Sister Turner 

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