HI Family and Friends :)

Well we had Transfer Conference and I am.... STAYING FOR CHRISTMAS :) I'm so happy. I didn't realize how much I wanted to stay for Christmas until I found out that I would be! So I will most likely be going outbound on January 2nd or February 13th, if not then never but I'm pretty sure it will be in January because then I will be gone for 2 transfers and come back for two transfers and that's usually how it works. Sister King is going outbound! She got called to the Washington DC South mission and she leaves tomorrow. My new companion is Sister Hinton from Arizona. She is coming back from outbound, she is so sweet and I'm looking forward to a great transfer! I know I will learn a lot from her. I've never had a companion who has been outbound already. I will continue to be a Zone Leader of the East 2 zone which includes Temple Square, The Teaching Center, Beehive House, Guest Services and West Gate. It will be so great! They've decorated the Beehive house with Christmas decorations and it's so fun to be in there. They turn the lights on the day after Thanksgiving, so Friday at 5pm. I'm excited there are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO many lights! Did I tell you they started putting them up in August! Yesterday they put up another nativity on the reflecting pool, it's so beautiful.

Oh speaking of nativities the mission got to go see "Savior of the World" on Thursday! It was so amazing! I wish you could all see it! I loved it so much. One day you all have to come to Temple Square and watch it. It is a stage production but it's been created with the help of the First Presidency. They're practice for the show includes learning about how to be a missionary on the stage and to testify of the gospel through performance. It was the most beautiful play I have ever seen. I wish you could watch it! Maybe I will see if I can find a recording of it at Desert Book so you could get the general idea. It was seriously soooooooooo GOOD!

Mom Congratulations with your new calling! I'm so excited for you, I was looking at the new youth curriculum and it made me want to teach the youth when I get home, it's a lot like the way we teach our investigators.   I didn't realize how amazing a mission was until I got here but I highly suggest it to anyone who is thinking about it. It will and can change your life, if you let it. Just like "the fourth missionary" talk, they should read that! Anyway enjoy your new calling, you'll do great!

Dad thanks for the email! I'm sure your lesson with the YSA went great! Heavenly Father always qualifies us for the work if we have a desire to serve Him which I know you do! Whenever I get nervous about a lesson I always feel those are the better lessons because I completely rely on the Spirit who is a better teacher than me anyway. What have you been teaching them lately? I miss going to Sunday school, on our mission here we just have a early morning sacrament meeting at 7:30am. It's great because the sisters who are going home give 8 minute talks and there is always a musical number, we have so many talented sisters in our mission. Sometimes we have special guests come and speak to us, that's always nice too. 

This past transfer I decided to learn more about and apply the Christlike attribute "Charity and Love" (Preach my Gospel chapter 6) and I'm so grateful that we can constantly strive to become more like our Savior. I think sometimes in the past I've wanted to become like "that person over there" or "I wish I could be more like her" or "Why can't I be more like them" and then being disappointed because I never "became like them". The reason that never made me happy is because Heavenly Father wants me to be me but the BEST version of  myself. The way I can become the best ME is to strive to become more like the Savior. I've known this my whole life but I only recently started to apply it. It brings you so much happiness to be just be you! Now I'm not saying that we can have the excuse of saying "oh that's just they way I am so that's fine" no we need to always be striving to fulfill our potential but be happy with our imperfections and be grateful that you noticed them so you can change. Does that make sense? All of the Christlike attributes go together, for example when you work on "Charity and Love" you also become more "Patient" and gain a greater "Faith" as you see yourself grow. I love chapter 6 of Preach my Gospel and if you haven't read it I highly recommend it! 

I love you all! You are so amazing just remember how great YOU are! You are a divine being who your loving Heavenly Father has sent to the earth to learn and grow. Nothing is too difficult when we rely on the loving hand of our Savior Jesus Christ. 

Love Sister Turner


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