Hello Family and Friends!!

I'm very full of sugar right now :) We just finished our Zone activity for the transfer! Sister Hinton and I planned it and it was so much fun! We made gingerbread houses and watched "It's a wonderful life". It was so fun but I ate toooooooooooooo much sugar. Zone activities are only once a transfer so it will be okay. 

Can you believe it's only 1 week till Christmas!!!!! I'm so excited that we have p-day on Christmas. So even though I'm waiting until the 30th to talk to you all I still get to write you on the 25th. Speaking of the 25th I've been having sooooooooooooooooooooo MUCH fun with the "Santa Baby I Only Want to Make you Happy" advent. I love it sooooo much. We love doing the challenges and it's really fun, we as in Sister Hinton and I and we  (Haha family can you tell I'm a little sleepy right now, I need to wake up we are teaching a lesson in 1 hour!) Anyway really it's like Christmas morning every morning. I have been taking pictures of the different things I've been doing but a lot of them are on Sister Hinton's camera, I just sent you the ones I do have. 

Unfortunately I can't fulfill the request of getting pictures with the nativities, we are only allowed to take pictures before 7am and Sister Hinton and I already did that once this transfer. Maybe if we have an early morning meeting I'll try to get one quick. Have you set up your nativity yet?

Mom thank you for all the emails this week :)  Hey when you get this letter you'll be home on Quadra!! Give everyone a hug for me, and ask someone to give you a hug for me too. Are you going to get a Christmas tree at home? Dad thanks for the email. I love getting your emails. When do you get to go home for Christmas?

We got to go see the Christmas Concert! IT WAS AMAZING!! They told the story of Gale Halverson The Candy Bomber (you'll have to look him up) and they had little parachutes of candy falling from the ceiling of the conference center! It was SO cool. It was especially neat because we were right underneath them. We originally had our seats on the balcony but when we were walking in the doors one of the hosts pulled two tickets out of his pocket and told us these were better seats so we were like 30 rows from the stage in the middle of the theater! It was so fun. 

Enoch got baptized on Saturday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He was baptized, got confirmed and received the Holy Ghost, received the Aaronic priesthood and got his temple recommend to do baptisms for the dead and this was all in one weekend!! Talk about enduring to the end! We are so excited for him, he's awesome. When we talked to him on Sunday we was just glowing through the phone. His joy is great and our joy is great! Our other investigators are doing well, there is a family we are teaching in Louisiana and Monica continues to do great! I love the gospel. Tonight we are teaching one of our new investigators from Salt Lake. We are also teaching someone we met in the beehive house the other day. Every night this week we go home at 10pm instead of 9pm because lots of people come to the square this week. So great being on Temple Square.

We had a zone meeting on Sunday. Sister Hinton and I felt that the zone needed reminders about how great they are doing but also what it means to rely on the Atonement through times of difficulty. We talked about "forgetting yourself and going to work" we also talked about making a choice between being happy and focusing on trials. It was so great because then the sisters bore their testimonies of how the Atonement had helped them put off the natural man and become more like the savior when they are struggling. It went really well.

Family and friends you are so great! I feel so blessed because I have so much support and love coming from home. Thank you for the Christmas cards and parcels :) 

I love you so much! You are all AMAZING!! MERRY CHRISTMAS! Merry Christmas eve! Lots of love and hugs to everyone! 

Love Sister Turner


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