Hi family and friends,

What an exciting day so far! We had our Zone Activity today, originally we were going to go to the Humanitarian Center and make blankets and eat food together. However it turns out that we didn't have enough drivers going so we changed the activity to a picnic in a park (within walking distance). Although when we woke up this morning it was POURING RAIN!! So that didn't work out. We picked up some take out curry and watched "Mega Mind" in one of the theaters. As soon as we sat down to eat the emergency lights went off and we had to evacuate to the Tabernacle. Turns out it was a false alarm and so we went back to eat out food and watch the movie.  Our zone activity just finished and it turned out to be lots of fun. Definitely memorable :)

This week has been another good week. We met Christan at Temple Square. He was so nice, didn't have a lot of time to take him on a tour because he was with friends who had to go. Don't think his baptism will happen on the 14th of June because the local missionaries STILL haven't gotten in contact with him. Ahhh so frustrating but it's okay, he will get baptized in God's timing not mine. He has been reading the Book of Mormon and is doing so good. Our other investigators are doing well and it's fun to meet new people every day. 

We had the opportunity to attend Sister Monson's funeral this week. It was a beautiful funeral. The talks were amazing, I felt so uplifted but a little sad for President Monson, he looked so pale. We are so blessed to know about the plan of salvation and that we can be together forever through the blessings of the Temple. If you didn't get a chance to watch the funeral you can watch it from the link of lds.org. I really liked Sister Dibb's talk. 

I did the Christlike Attribute assessment in Preach my Gospel the other day and I realized I need to work on 'Hope'. I'm so grateful that Jesus Christ has set the perfect example to follow and I know that when I follow in his footsteps that is how I can have peace in this life. I have a desire to share that with everyone. I always know I need to work on the attribute patience, when I pray for charity and study the atonement it always helps me have more patience. I love the scriptures too, whenever I feel worried or sad I just need to read and pray and then I feel peace. That is why we invite others to do the same thing. It's not so that we can say we have more members of the church or that we had more baptisms then someone else. It is because I truly can say I love them and want them to have the same peace I feel here on earth and to be able to have eternal life. The Temple is the main goal. The promises we make in the Temple are essential for our exaltation.  

Love you all SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Much! You are in my prayers :)
Love, Sister Turner

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