Hello family and friends !!!!

 I'm so blessed with so many wonderful friends. Thank you to everyone that has written me such beautiful letters! I will write you all back very soon. I can only write on P-day but I love getting your letters all the time. I am so grateful for your love.

Evelynn and Robert sent me two WONDERFUL crock-pot recipe books I'm so excited about them. I've already made some great food and as a matter of fact I have a mexican chicken dinner cooking right now. Sister Jung and I are eating together again tonight and since we have made Korean food the past two P-days we decided to make Canadian food tonight :) Which is pretty much everything else so we are doing Mexican food :)

I have had another great week!!! I LOVE TEMPLE SQUARE SO MUCH!!!!!! I love how I can teach people everywhere!! I can't remember if I have told you but I'm teaching people in Canada, all over the states - Texas, Colorado, North Carolina, Utah, etc, Korea and Ghana!!! I love it so much. People are so wonderful and so accepting to the gospel. Of course I have a lot of people that reject but I just keep calling different people and it's like I have the whole world to tract in and my possibilities are endless. 

Member missionary work is SO important to our work. We can't call people without referrals. If anyone has a friend, co-worker or any one that they want to share the gospel with send me your referrals :) Some people are much more willing to receive a phone call when we mention their friends name then they are to accept the missionaries knocking on there door. If I know them I will give the referral to another sister but if I don't know your friend I will call them and invite them to learn more about the gospel. I just need your name, phone number and their name and phone number. Also read Alma chapter 31 it is a WONDERFUL scripture about missionary work.

I had the fantastic opportunity this past week to give a tour to a wonderful group of youth who came for a youth conference. The youth are such an important part of the church and I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to tell them about temple square and hopefully allow them to feel the spirit and have a positive impact on their lives.  I loved it! They are so wonderful. Sister Jung and I got to spend about 45 minutes touring 16 youth (16 future missionaries) and it was so lovely they each had such beautiful testimonies and I'm so grateful I got to share mine with them and encourage them with their member missionary work. I read them parts of Alma 31 and the Spirit was so strong. I loved each one of them.

I am so happy I get to serve on such sacred ground. People come to the square and they ask me what it is about me and the Sisters here that makes us so happy. I had quite a few people that came up to me and asked me what it was that made me so happy and that there was something different about me that they liked and couldn't really explain, they had noticed some of the other sisters were like that as well and they wanted to know what it was. I love it because it gives me a perfect opportunity to really share my testimony with them and it allows me to invite them to learn more about the church and how they can have this happiness in their lives too. I know that it is such a blessing to be able to have the light of Christ in my life and that it is not me but it is His light that draws people to the truth 

Once again I am out of time. You are all wonderful and I love you all. Thank you for writing to me and sending me your love :) I love hearing from each of you. 

Keep being so wonderful.
Love Sister Turner

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